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Common Mistakes in Website Design

A well designed website will always prove to be an advantage for any business. A good quality website needs to be striking, well-organized and resourceful so that it can prove to be beneficial for your business. Any website which has been designed poorly will only indicate your business as amateur and can also prove to be difficult for your clients to operate.

Following are some of the common mistakes made in web designing, along with easy and simple solutions to help fix the problem:

1. Amateur design

Your website should be simple and easy for people to navigate. It should give a clear idea of what your business is about, which will portray professionalism on your part. To make things easier, a professional writer can be employed to ensure that the entire text on your website is accurate, and that it is spell checked and proof read before it is included into the site’s content.

2. Inappropriate for multiple browser platforms

Many people now use different browsers. Your website should be able to work across multiple browser platforms, like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. Your visitors should be able to see content on your website, without difficulty. With so many websites to choose from your visitors will move on to other sites if your content is not visible.

3. Smooth progress of traffic

Website which does not load properly or does not load at all is frustrating for the visitor, and he/she can move elsewhere. This is due to the amount of traffic, which is using the website at the same time. Too much traffic means that your website can crash. Your host provider and plan should be able to keep up with the traffic and maintain your increasing needs.

4. Unsafe shopping cart/checkout facilities

Your website needs to have secure shopping cart/checkout facilities so that your customers can feel free to shop online.
You need to make sure that your checkout facilities meet your customers’ demands. If there is any fault with your level of security your customers are not going to shop online, and you won’t make money.

5.  Well defined facts

The articles on your website must be clear, informative and helpful for your customers. They should be up to date so that the customers can know what is going on in your company. All the articles should be appropriate and accurate, rather than those which promote services of your business.

6. Need for clarity

Make sure that the entire website is clear and easy to use for your customers. There should not be too much traffic because otherwise your website can crash. Generate as much traffic as your website can handle otherwise it will be difficult for users to find. You can either make use of SEO specialist or learn it yourself through a SEO Book.
Make a website which does not mess up your business. A website which is user friendly can ensure more business and can lead to success.

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