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Comparison between WordPress and Expression Engine

Many designers swear by Expression Engine as their blog platform of choice. While I think it has a lot going for it, I personally prefer WordPress. They only really have one thing in common. They are both blogging platforms.

The appearance of the posts is different. In WordPress, you have set content fields according to the template that has been created for the WordPress platform. This will be shown in the category you have decided to post it to although at first you might have it on the main page. In WordPress, you will have a designated field where you can post.

ExpressionEngine, however, does things differently. It uses channels which it defines.  This is basically a different blog for each post. You as the user will be the definer of the channels/ posts. This is completely under your control, and you can say where you want the categories, fields and the rest.

This is all in the admin section of the website. This means all the user would see is the “publish” section and that’s about all.

Most of the people on Expression Engine have stayed on version 1.6 for now as the add-ons will take time to be available in the 2.0 format for a few months as things take time to catch up.

These add-ons are the very part of Expression Engine that extend it and make it work for designers. You can have different fields in different channels

so you can have a whole series of different files. This can be the way you can create different categories for events, studies, sermons, etc. each in their own space.

It does give you a lot of control over what you can do. This means you can set what the clients can do and can’t do, until they learn to do Html.

With WordPress, you can set your site up very easily and not much knowledge is required, but you can modify it to suit your needs with the thousands of Plug-ins. Once you have this up you can add a theme of whatever you want. Magazine themes are a good way to go. This is the simplest way to go especially for someone who is non techie.

Expression Engine really needs to be used by a techie. Unless you know what you are doing you can get very lost. You will need far more about Html and XHTML than you would for WordPress.

A lot of designers prefer Expression Engine as it doesn’t really require them to learn extra languages. Their knowledge of HTML and XHTML will suffice them, and they can work on the front end of the program easily. Here they can set up a theme as they want it to appear. However, it isn’t an option that is easily used for a beginner. For this WordPress has the upper hand. Here you can use one of the millions of themes and be up in running in a day or two. I know many will say you can be up and running within a few hours but that is only once you have all the items in place.  It takes time to register a name and to organize hosting and get the URL transferred to the host. People tend to forget this when they are talking about a few hours.

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