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Creative Buttons

Many websites tend on the boring; I have seen that before style. In order to overcome this, you really need to make some change that will do a makeover on a theme that has been used by hundreds of other already. The biggest problem with pre made themes is the fact that if you use it just as it is out of the box it is far from the original.  You need to make your theme both original and unique. This is something that makes you stand out in the crowd, makes people look up and take notice, and that is when people tend to return.

One way you can do this is by using a technique that isn’t employed on a lot of websites and that is fading buttons.

To set it up you need a section of html in the menu so that we have the navigation in place by using a function.

Now we need to use some CSS for a better looking menu:

Use this in a separate CSS conditionally tagged in your header.

We are going to use images to create button in the Navigation area of the theme. Don’t place them with your other images as they are part of the way you move around the theme. Place them in your theme image folder. If you don’t have one, make one.

Now make a gradient color image to suit your color scheme and place it in there. This is the easiest way of doing it.

Let’s move on to the jQuery part of the problem. Once you have basically told your WordPress that you are using Java make sure it does double load by using the following code.

Install a plugin in the js folder to make this easier. Link it with the following code;

We need to tackle the Custom Script. If you already have this working in all parts of the theme you need to add to that folder. So take the following script which is in Java and place it in that file.

Now we are going to be moving up the image we created to make a rollover effect. By shifting up the color you are changing it but keeping in the same color range.  When you are ready activate the mousedown with the following code.

The use of this effect creates a little something different on your site that shows you have taken the trouble to be creative. Being different make so much difference to one’s website. When you stand out you tend to get followers on twitter and people join you on Facebook. This is also a way of getting one way links. People like people who use things they have learned, and that they take the time and trouble to pass on to others. Getting one way links is one of the ways you manage to go up the Google page rankings.  Going up Google rankings eventually will get you on page one if you continue to work on it.


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