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Creative Contact Pages

The best way of showing your willingness to help and be there for people who visit is having a contact page.  Many people either ignore this aspect of their blog or feel uncomfortable with handing out their personal contact details. There are many ways around this, and you really should have means for people to contact you. The reason you are on the internet is to contact people. So when you leave that hole in your site you are losing out on a lot.

To create your own contact form on WordPress, you need one of the WordPress plug-ins. They all work well but do things in a different manner so it’s a case of looking at each one to see how they react to your needs.


This form has multi pages with some pre-set sections, which you can use as the basis of the form you are going to make.  There are basic messages in the form which you can add to. There are facilities to both backup and to restore your forms, and it interacts with your database. The form is in a drag and drop format to make it easy for the beginner. It is integrated with your basic WP Editor and also makes a duplicate registration limited. The form is fully customizable.  You can turn CSS off if you wish. It is set for anti-spam and has Captcha installed, which will also stop a lot of spam from spider bots. You can use the page redirects, and it uses Ajax. And by using API it creates dynamic forms.

Contact Form7

This is a WordPress product that has a full ability to do multiple forms, which you can customize to your own use. It’s similar to the previous form builder and fairly simple to use. It is extremely important to read and use the documentation that appears on the site as there are bits of code in there that you need to insert in your forms as you go along.

Enhanced Contact Form

This is a little more than just a contact form.  It adds referring pages into your site and has spam protection. You can also organize to send a copy of the email to the person who fills in the form.  You down loaded the plug in and put it in your plug-in folder where you activate it, and then you add your email add to make sure you get the emails sent. That should be all you need to do.

Few examples of really good looking contact forms

How about adding your Google map to your email so people know where you are. It gives you a bit of more reality to someone on the net. It shows you are a real person. If you have a company put your address and phone number in too.

The notepad style contact form is really neat and extremely well done.  Bert Timmerman’s form is outstanding. This shows a great deal of thought and is well planned form which deserves its high standing on the net. I love the way its link menu works too. This is an outstanding example of a really well done website. Congratulations to this young Belgium designer.


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