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Creative side of a creative mind

Scientists are constantly trying to research on the working of brain, and they believe that creativity and management are done very sharply. Experts believe that our left brain is completely responsible for logical decisions and right side of the brain is responsible for creative and artistic things. Every human being on this planet tries to use one side of the brain more than the other side.

If you are a web developer or a designer, then you will have to challenge this theory, because this job demands a huge amount of creativity as well as management. You will also have to face challenges regarding deadlines, which clients forcefully apply to you. Below we are going to discuss management and creativity, and the possibility of working them together in a much more balanced way.

Scheduling creativity

Everybody faces this common problem; every single person wants to schedule their creativity, because managers force us to work from 9 to 5 jobs, where they demand creative work from us. In our learning phases, we never wanted to work in a fixed time. We always wanted to work like a free bird. Some designers like to work in the morning, while some prefer to work after midnight. Below given points will definitely enhance your creativity.

1.    Routine should be maintained – some designers think that they can only get creative ideas at 3 in the morning, but the fact is that, we are training our mind to come up with creative ideas, which can really turn things around. What we are actually doing is creating a schedule, which is really very unconventional, but at the same time it suits our needs.

One must try to create a routine for their work. If you are a designer, then try to get up early and start working after having a nice breakfast. You can even start working after having lunch. In this way, you are actually signalling your mind that you are going to work at this time regularly.

Brain is very sharp and intelligent, they understand your motive really fast, and because of their intelligence, they can start fetching those creative ideas, which used to come in the early morning. If you think that you can schedule a proper routine, then you are absolutely wrong. To maintain a good efficiency, one must come with some routine so that the mind can understand your daily plans.

2.    Manage your time – time management is very easy, but the main thing is concentrating on work during that time. Phone calls, emails and meetings are some of the most common distractions present in today’s world. Creativity means that you must concentrate on something before developing a great idea, but this concentration can be easily broken with the slightest of distractions. Try to avoid these distractions otherwise they will totally avoid your mind from developing something better.

Always try to manage your distractions. If you have to make some urgent calls then make it at the start of the day, go to meetings at lunch time and make some final reviews at evening. This will avoid disturbance while you are actually trying to concentrate on your work. Managing time is easy, but managing distraction is really tough. You can’t avoid surprising distractions but you can at least tackle it in an efficient way.

3.    Team management – you know how to divide your time so that you can increase your efficiency. You also know how to increase your concentration by managing all the distractions.

But you should also know about managing your team. Working alone on a big project will reduce your efficiency. Therefore, you should manage your team very well, because it helps in finishing the project before their scheduled deadline.

For example, you can work on a big batch of code, but dividing that same code into various small parts will help you a lot. You can communicate with your teammates, and ask them to work out on small things to create something big.

4.    Warm up – you have seen that athletes try to warm up their muscles, so that they can run harder when the game begins. Well, this idea can be used in any field. You can warm up your brain before getting into actual work. Try to concentrate on the ideas, which relate to your project, and filter those ideas, which are actually useful. There are various warm up exercises, which can help you a lot.

Some of the basic exercises are given below:

a.    Write your ideas and thoughts on a piece of paper, so that you can actually implement them at some point of time.

b.    Take a sketch pad, and draw designs which you want to use in future, this will enhance your concentration.

c.    Pick a sentence from a book and start writing a story based on that line, don’t write more than one page.

d.    If you are a designer then try to create three landing pages with different moods.

These exercises are having a huge impact, which can really enhance the quality of your work.

5.    Depend on the best – experts believe that creativity comes with time, and if you are not allowing your brain to think then you won’t get creative ideas. Sometimes, you will notice that your day ends up sending various mail and invoices, well this thing is very dangerous for you, because you are actually spending those precious hours, which should be invested in creative work.

Don’t isolate yourself, because that will not allow your brain to concentrate enough. Try to take a break at regular intervals, let your brain relax a bit, and then suddenly you will see that your brain is actually producing ideas.

These points will definitely help you a lot, and you can also increase your work output. Creativity is very important because that’s the only thing, which differentiates a good employer from a bad employer. If you can’t produce creative things, then managers won’t take you seriously. Therefore, you should give yourself some time to come up with bright ideas.


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