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Creative techniques of link baiting

The virtual world is a testimony to the abundant creativity in web designers of all platforms, which is contrary to the belief that creativity is rare.

Public relations are an indispensable part of an organisation. The necessity to create a market for your product through the publicity of the product is as important as the products itself. As creativity and public relations are required for product promotion then the web is arguably the best way to do it.   It is therefore essential that creative techniques of link baiting are used.

Web designers use their creativity to put forth a novel website to the viewers. PR is possible on the website not merely by creating attractive advertisements for the potential clients, but also by creating back links. Back links enables the search engine to choose the web page ranking position efficiently, so in effect this is a search engine optimisation tool.

Numerous links leads to heavy traffic and eventually great PR. In order to optimise efficiency , link baiting is used to create a long list of keywords to refer back to your site. As more and more people visit your web page the search engine ranking position of your web page is made more obvious to the public. Internet is the fastest and the easiest way to reach the audience, which is probably why creative techniques of link baiting have been developed.

The techniques of link baiting are both subtle and blatant.  Certain link baiting techniques are used commonly amongst web masters as they have proved more successful.  Consider the following creative link baiting techniques:

A contest is a very popular link baiting technique used by web masters. Numerous contests request the contestants to write a short article or a few lines about their company. Are they actually interested in what you to think about them? Not really, the whole purpose of asking viewers to write about them, is that this strategy creates numerous back links.  A more loaded a website with back links, gives a better placement position on the search engine results display page.

Offering free tools to the viewers also increases link baiting. When a website offers creative tools to the users, many discussions are held on blogs and forums about the tools a web page offers.  Being talked about everywhere magnifies and glorifies the brand image of companies by creating abundant back links.

Another creative technique of link baiting is creating lists. If lists like “top 100 ways of making money online”, are released then it gets infinite back links. The subject matter also gets great attention.

Controversies are not a suggested way to create back links but numerous sites exploit this technique as well. Bloggers and web masters attacking your content also aid in increasing the number of back links. Creating unique and original content and being the first to publish that content on the web also brings with it great opportunities to be talked about across the internet.

As your content is unique people will refer to your website time and again and bloggers will also discuss it publicly. Generalised tutorials like speaking English or any language used in the global domain will also increase readership and back links.

Attacks, are a bane of the search engine optimization technique of link baiting. So next time you come across controversies, attacks, contests, free tools and lists on the web page you will know the reason for it- link baiting to increase traffic. All these are creative techniques of link baiting will enhance the brand image of a company or serve vested interests.

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