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CSS web design techniques to die for

We are big fans of CSS as you know.  We have showed how it is superior to table design layouts, in every conceivable way.  It is so easy to modify design, allow implementation of several designers to work on different aspects of a web design, and it allows seperation of design elements.  What is not to love?

For this reason, it is not only loved and adored, but written about.  So we have included over 53 links to various articles about CSS, that have been written about it.  This is good news if you use CSS to design and develop websites, as you can use this as a quick reference guide.  They really are worth dying for, and if you don’t believe me, give them a whirl.

Cascading Style Sheets have become really popular, and if you are not using them you should be.  We have numours articles about CSS on our site.  Have a read and see what you think.

The links:

1. CSS Image Replacement

2. Navigation Matrix Reloaded

3. CSS Tabs

4. CSS Bar Graphs (CSS For Bar Graphs)

5. Collapsing Tables: An Example

6. Adam’s Radio & Checkbox Customisation Method

7. CSS Based Navigation

8. CSS Shadows (CSS Shadows Roundup)


9. CSS Rounded Corners Roundup (Nifty Corners)

10. Drop Cap – Capital Letters with CSS

11. Define Image Opacity with CSS

12. How to Create a Block Hover Effect for a List of Links

13. Pullquotes with CSS (Automatic Pullquotes with JavaScript and CSS

14. CSS Diagrams

15. CSS Curves

16. Footer Stick

17. CSS Image Map

18. CSS Image Pop-Up

19. CSS Image Preloader


20. CSS Image Replacement for Buttons

21. Link Thumbnail

22. CSS Map Pop

23. PHP-based CSS Style Switcher

24. CSS Unordered List Calender (CSS Styled Calender)

25. CSS-Based Forms: Techniques

26. CSS-Based Tables: Techniques

27. Printing Web-Documents and CSS

28. Improved Links-Display for Print-Layouts with CSS

29. CSS-Submit Buttons

30. CSS Teaser Box

31. CSS Tricks for Custom Bullets

32. Ticked Off Links Reloaded

33. CSS Zooming

34. Creating a Star Rater using CSS

35. The ways to style visited Links

36. PDF, ZIP, DOC Links Labeling

37. Displaying Percentages with CSS


38. Image Floats without the Text Wrap

39. Let visitors decide, whether or not will they open link in a new window

40. Simple accessible external links

41. Zebra Table with JavaScript and CSS

42. Vertical Centering with CSS (Horizontal and Vertical Centering with CSS

43. Unobtrusive Sidenotes

44. Image Caption with CSS (Styled Images with Caption)

45. Dynamic Piechart with CSS

46. Format Footnotes with CSS

47. Hierarchical Sitemap with CSS

48. Snook’s Resizable Underlines

49. Switchy McLayout: An Adaptive Layout Technique

50. StyleMap: CSS+HTML Visual Sitemap

51. Custom Reading Width

52. CSS Alert Message

53. CSS Production Notes


We hope these links are useful for you, as you continue your journey though the web design world.  CSS is a powerful tool for you to utilize, and these links should help you in this quest.


The great thing about these links, is that it they are always handy, and always good to have to hand when you design your sites. 


Another beautiful thing about CSS is that it allows people to work together, and that is not just web designers.  Content managers, and marketers, can all have their say in the design.  Ok, this was possible with tables, but so much harder to do.  These 53 CSS techniques are to die for.



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    What I like about CSS is that, it is really user friendly. I will value these tips and make use of them.
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