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Database helpful applications

Using databases has always been confusing to me. I know it is supposed to be easy, but every time I get in there I get confused. I think I have a mental block. I see the word database, and I think I can’t do it. With that said I have been forcing myself to learn, and it’s a case a starting over every time. I think I don’t do it often enough. They always say practice makes perfect.  I was recently taught a few helpful applications with databases, and those do help. I thought I might pass them on as I found them a help myself.

The first was TurboDBAdmin

This has recently been updated to 0.2.3, and it is a freeware download for Windows.  This enables you to admin your database from the web. You install the download on your webserver provided it has got Php installed, and you can edit and info on your database from it when needed.

Ems Sql manager which is for the Mysql database

This is available both for Free as well as paid versions. It is available in 5 languages.  The free version can handle up to 5 databases, which has a maximum size of 100 mb. You can both create and edit all the items in your database as well as import and export databases. It’s very clear and, even if you haven’t used it before you will find your way around easily. It works with most versions except the very earliest of mySql.

The My Sql Gui Tools bundle

This backs up your database and does a restoration of them when necessary. It has recently been up dated to MySql Workbench. This enables you to both design and modeling of your database as well as the administration of your database.


An old favorite, this is the browser based, and it is simple enough to use even for me.  You can import your database as well as export it when you want to make a backup. (This is always a good thing to have) There is a huge list of options for you here. When you want to optimize your database be sure to make a backup first. It is available in 62 languages. The alpha1 version of 3.4.0 was released on 23.1.2010.

Instant Sql Formatter

This checks the syntax of your database and creates a tree of it for you using Sql Parser. There is a desktop version as well as a web version of it for those that don’t want it posted on the web. This program covers a whole host of options that are not offered by other kinds of programs.

DB Designer and MySql

This creates a database that you can see. You have the opportunity to create your database in an easy manner. Full documentation is available for you to help you every step of the way.


This program allows you to create your database as suits your style. You can import an existing database that you have designed although with the latest version some of the older ones don’t work. It is a Sql modeling tool for use on the Web.


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