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Deadlines: Are they wrongly set or has it been delayed?


A lot of professionals come across a point when their projects are about to take a form, and they start to wonder about it. They start pondering if it could’ve been possible otherwise? This is true for every professional individual; however, a freelancer or better said, a web designer or developer finds this something not worth the stress.

How can you miss deadlines?

Deadlines are the start of execution of a certain project. When you achieve a certain deadline you can expect it to be executed, then. For a certain deadline, everyone involved has a role to play and they all follow the same instructions just to meet the date. This absolutely means that when your work demands more attention and time your deadline is likely to be missed.

How can you possibly meet Deadlines?

A deadline is estimated after the amount of work that has to be put into it is realized. Some projects require a “ton of work”; fine detailing and a lot of information and resources while some can be done with in a breeze. However, the deadline estimated is not always correct. At times, people can underestimate the work required to get a target accomplished and the date has actually been set without consideration.

However, no matter how unreasonable your deadline may seem it’s your job to get it done by then. Meeting your deadline, in this case, isn’t impossible but it most definitely is a challenge.

The pressure of several deadlines can make you lose your focus, and you end up working on the wrong thing at the wrong time. How do you manage your work then? Simple; begin with prioritizing your deadlines after analyzing the consequences of it being unmet.

Deadlines can be of many types; the type where you have promised an event or a show to the public is the immovable one. That’s because you’ve probably marketed all the way about it and now if you miss it, you are sure to lose trust the masses have in you. A like type of deadline includes meeting your sales target on Christmas and finalizing the budget by June. Similarly, if your website is linked to an event, and it misses due to incomplete work on it then the importance of the event falls.

Once you end up missing your due date you are bound to encounter a number of problems related to work. They shouldn’t come as a surprise to you; rather, be prepared for them. If the deadlines are “movable” as determined from its consequence of being missed, they still tend to have the same impact. Your boss’ might take it the wrong way or simply label you as a procrastinator for your colleagues to laugh at for the day. However, it is very normal if your boss plans to call a meeting and shows up 15 minutes late; no surprise!

However, deadlines are most certainly created by your peers, and it has probably been set the way it is due to their knowledge and experience. So, it’s best to stop cranking over the date set and get started on meeting it.


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