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Defining your clients Role

You usher your new client into the boardroom or client’s interview room and heave a sigh. You need to explain for the 10 millionth time what the role of a client is. Never expect them to automatically understand and remember even though it is the 10 millionth time for you, it is the first time for them.

There are some things that need to be explained to them so that they understand what exactly you are expecting from them and how you are going to work with them. They also need to understand the process of designing a website.

There is a need to convey to them that ultimately the success or failure of their website lies with them. The input they give in the website will shape how it develops and their interaction with you is extremely important. They cannot just say a few sentences and walk on. It is vital that they are part of the process of the development.

One thing both, you and your client need to remember, every client and every website is different. No two can ever be the same.

Sometimes you are lucky and you find a client that knows what they want and can envisage the way they want the site to turn out. When you get a client like this, they can be both a pain in the butt and one of the best kinds of clients you would ever wish to find.

Remember this is all new to the clients so while you see the problems in what the client is describing, they don’t know the difficulty of design that you can see.

They need to see the way a site will turn out. They also need to be able to promote the site. There are many ways they can help with this, and when this happens you have a jewel of a client because you will have a successful site.

Some clients require more explanations than others. The fact of the matter is that you need to explain what the client is expected to do to enable you to you to create a website. They are expected to actually take part in the creation not just hand the job over and expect you to produce. Interaction between the two of you will be part and parcel of the job package.

Sometimes you need put a stop to a client who is really taking over too many decisions that should be left to the designer.  You have to put a stop to it quickly so they need to understand what your responsibility is and what they need to feed through you and adhere to your suggestions. There are too many things that need to be adjusted in the web designs with certain design’s decision.

If the client has identified a problem, they need to come to the designer and ask them to find the solution. This makes the design work.

Websites do tend to evolve over time, and one thing leads to the next. Things are invented on a daily basis so why shouldn’t websites change. Websites need constant updating and needing new input. You need to be in good standing so that when the site needs updating, they give you the opportunity to do the redesign.


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