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Design Dreams: The Future of User Experience

Have you ever considered what the future will think of your current design style?  Is what you’re into now really as cutting-edge as you think?  If you can imagine it, everything we are witnessing now – the super-fast, graphic, speed-racer technology of the here and now, the cool and clever techie tools and gadgets that seem to school all the rest – in the blink of an eye, may all be simply forgotten.  If you can imagine it, it just maybe, we are totally living in the dark ages of our time.

Compared to the future, that is.  What kind of future should we expect, and is it as exciting as we hope?  More importantly, can us, by some clever devising, incorporate a bit of the inevitable evolution of it all into our current design style?  Even if it turns out to be extremely difficult to actually accomplish such a thing, it’ll definitely be fun learning as we go.

In this post, we’ll explore the latest and greatest and dare, we say most amazing futuristic horizons in graphic design.  If something here doesn’t wow you, you must be comatose.  Wake up.  The future is calling.

Touching Technology

It seems we’ve had every sense stimulated but one, these days – the sense of touch.  Sure, there’s Ipad and Ipod touch, and all the other touch tools we see on a daily basis, but this, this is something much more.  Multi-touch technology is completely off the grid and at your fingertips – all of them. 


The use of the whole hand, multiple fingertips, is, in fact, the name of the game here.  Not only that, but add in the fingertips of friends and the scene really gets touching.  Imagine creating animated artwork with a friend or teaming up with co-workers to create powerful presentations.  Definitely see the demo for the full experience.

Surface Complements

Take what you’ve just read about multi-touch, multi-user technology, and amplify it, but don’t stop there.  Now, put it on your coffee table.  What you’ll have on your hands is surface computing, a curious cross between conversation piece and interactive information god.  Users touch and gesture to organize photos, manage maps and much more. 

Microsoft Surface

Creators say the idea is to liberate other boring surfaces, such as kitchen counter-tops and hallways, from the humdrum of yesterday and into a synergistic experience – a brilliant conversation between human and computer, all with the use of touch. 

Photosynthetic Collective Memory

What would happen if all the photographs of  the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramid of Egypt ever posted to the Internet were all collected and enhanced to stunning levels of intricate detail?  “what the point really is…”  Just one more way the Internet is rapidly getting a clever mind of its own.

Bumptop Desktop

Bravo! Bumptop is top-of-the-class, down-to-earth desktop organization – light years ahead of the rest.  It’s practical design let’s users scatter, stack, shelve and stick desktop items with freedom and flexibility – just like in the real world. Demo

Interactive Musical Reaction Action

It’s a bit complicated, we’ll admit, but imagine the possibilities here.  Infinite combinations of rhythms and tunes and songs on thousands of play lists all at once and best of all, you don’t have to go to it alone.  Bring a friend to join in – or two, or three or four.  Reactable is all about music, a new kind of interaction and futuristic fun.  Demo


Now that you’ve witnessed just a taste of what the future has to offer, doesn’t it leave you wanting more?  Our guess is, absolutely, so go out, and make it happen.  We hear so often “the future is now.” Why not make the future – you?


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