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Designer’s essential tools

Design tools come in many shapes and forms and finding the ones that you need is often a case of trial and error. Its fine when they are free and you can then make any changes you require but when you are paying for them, you need to be very sure before you lay your money on the table. The thing is the amount of time we need to find all the various options for all the products we need.

The options we need should be easy to obtain and simple to install and preferably be free or at least a free trial, so we can make an informed decision. Some of them that are available are listed below.


This is an organizational tool.  It basically has an ideas box. And an area where you process immediate, easy to finish in a couple of minutes and then the left over items would be to organize later. These you can schedule as you wish to complete them. It’s a good organizer and works well especially if you tend to forget things as this way these are there for you to refer to as you go along. There are several versions, which you can use including the ones for your various web phones.


If you are looking for an application which will suit several freelancers working together you might like to look at Doolphy. This is a good way to keep a small team on target. This is an online tool, which is like a collaborative tool. Time, costing and planning can all be input here. The advantage of this is there is no limit on the users. So information can be shared easily. They do advise that chat rooms and a discussion board will soon be available as well.


This program does all the billing and payments, and it is a complete project management system. However, it is more for a larger company than a small freelancer one. This caters for companies of up to 100 people. Of course smaller ones can use it too, but although it has a free trial it does cost by the month. It is a book keeping from the billing side of things, and it keeps track of costing. Because it is net based you can input info from anywhere. One user costs $29.95 while two costs $44.95 and then extras cost $10 all of these pricing are per month. This covers all you would need for the accounting side of your business as well as project management. There is a free 14day trial.

Bantam Live

Another CRM but this one uses Google’s Suite of apps. And although it does many of the things you need, and you can get a free trial it still relies on a third party’s program, which you will have to pay for as well.


This is an optimizer program that does split testing and has a simple interface which is a good way of testing an ecommerce website. It works without the need to use code so it’s easy to do for a rank amateur.


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