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Designer’s Reality: You are not the God of Creation

Wake up! It’s a new day, a new way to start your life and some new things to do. We as designers think we did it all. I am not talking just negative but there are some significant things that designers miss out. Distraction caused by normal things and in reality big things are happening which we miss out.

The attitude of knowing everything and being the best is what I don’t like. Whether you tend to see it or not, there is an underlying attitude that we carry with us. We treat people as novice and rookie so we think that we are superior in terms of thinking out of the box and creation. We are the chosen ones, the god of creations but as far as I think, this is just a dumb thought.

You need to understand the fact that creativity is something that is not exclusive to us only and just because you can draw well and have the skills does not entitle you to be the supreme jewel of creativity. Presenting only the glittering aspect in front of all does not mean that you are the god of creation.

Every Human Being is Creative but not a Designer

When somebody says to you “I am so creative that I can beat anyone with my mind”, probably you think that he is of no use. Likewise, when you as a designer think about yourself perfect when it comes to creativity, you are thinking wrong. Every other person in this world has a creative mind. Some of them are even more creative than us but the fact is everyone has a distinctive designer’s mind. Serving your biased nature, you tend to believe you are better than others.

The fact is no matter how much bad you think about others, they can beat you at any point. However, what makes you better or gives you thumbs up is your designing capability. There are times when you feel that it’s a lousy day for you and not having a good time because you cannot pen down your creativity. People have ingenuity but the main difference that underlines the society of designers from others is the fact that designers know how to present a thought in a visual format.

Bad design also gets you name and fame along with recognition of a unique persona. This does not sideline the fact that you actually did badly. This is due to the involvement of social media which helps in circumnavigation. Using that to your advantage is what you need to do. Often there are times when you go back in time and see what all you did. You find it better than your today’s work and this is what makes you think. This happens a lot with the musicians and also with designers.

Creativity is a gift given to all. How do you perceive it and bring it out in front of the world is in your hands. There are learners too who have managed to brought their thinking to a level which made them creative. So what is creativity exactly? Gift or skill to develop and the answer is, both. It is somewhere between that.

According to Susan Weinschenk, there are four types of creativity in the world. She named them as:

•    Thomas Edison
•    A-ha Moments
•    Eureka Moments
•    Epiphanies

Thomas Edison is what people call pattern thinker. They are calibrated skilled people who systematically develop and create to make their creativity showcased in best manner. Whereas the others are described as people who do not think or follow any pattern. They just innovate or create with their single skill or multiple assets. There are moments when you don’t realize what you actually did. That’s Eureka Moments for you. Creativity is possessed by one and all in many forms.

Principles of Design World

Here I am not going to present my thesis regarding design world nor am I going to deliver long set of rules from the book. As a designer there are certain principles to which everyone has to abide. This is a general way to just make you realize that you are a part of the community where people are like you and design as well with creativity.

Emotional connection and skills in a balanced format is what I am talking about. You cannot create a design until and unless you mix your emotional subjectivity to your aesthetic skills. Shuffling elements here and there is not designing but getting close to get inspired if done for a non commercial reason.

With intrinsic study, experience, and skills you also need to know the art of balancing all these in a single proportion. Artistic and aesthetic are two different words but hold very close importance in the world of design. You can present an artistic form which is connected to you emotionally but at the same time people may not find it as good as you.

This is your personal memorandum and when you know how to keep that away from you and present a design which is connected to aesthetics is when you become a designer. There are many hidden patterns of the design world. Selling is not the prime for creativity but just a part of the industry.

Design the World and Facing the Reality

You are a designer and you can create a design. What you are missing out is the fact that designs are not the skills that you posses and learn to sketch but it is connected to your mind, empathy, and how you think. You need to include how others think. Pulling the emotional factor of others is what you need to do and hence you are the master of design.

Facing the reality is also a thing that you need to do. Everyone can create and you can learn from a toddler also. Just be that person and you are there. You are not god but surely can be a part of the real world with creativity everywhere. This is the simplest thing of the design world and with that you can be the perfect designer and design the world with a positive reward from the world.


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