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Designing an Effective Product Page

Amazon is clearly the master when it comes to e-commerce websites. However, does this mean that no one should even try to compete with them? When you are creating your own site you should try to set your goals high. Some people will state that trying to compete with Amazon is simply crazy, but you can create a website which can rival this behemoth of the industry.

The goal of having a great e-commerce site lies within the product page. Creating a good one can be difficult and complex, and this is why so many sites do not get it right. The page on your e-commerce site that gives the highest conversion rate is the product page. That means that this page is what will make the most sales for your business. This is where people can view your products and be convinced to make a purchase. If this page is not good enough, people are not going to be likely to buy anything.

Providing only the most basic information about your products, is not enough to get a high level of sales. If you really want to move your goods you will have to go a step beyond this. Remember, your competitors are only a click away, and if you cannot properly sell your products, they are going to get your sales. Following are some of the key elements of a product page you should concern yourself with.


Only a very wealthy person would ever buy something without knowing exactly what it is going to cost. A page might contain a lot of information about a product, but, unless you state clearly what the cost is, people are going to click away. No one wants to have to search around for a price, because this will make the company seem like it is hiding something. You should not only include the price, but you should place it near the buy button. Remember; always make sure that people do not have to search around for these items.

Product name

This might seem pretty obvious, but a visitor should know the name of the product they are looking at. Make sure that your product names are descriptive of the item. If you are selling a gold ring, do not simply write “gold ring,” but try something like”24ct gold wedding ring.” This is more descriptive and better tells the user what they are looking at. The best thing to do is make the product name unique so that your items stand out from the competition.

Buy button

The main choices you have when making a buy button relate to coloring, size and text. These change from site to site, but many try to appear attractive while being functional. You should also think about the country that your site is selling to. If you have a US site using “add to cart” would be more appropriate than “add to basket.” Simply take a look at the differences between Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk to see examples.


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