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Designing and Usability Go Hand in Hand

As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep, the same holds true for a web design. A lot of web designers today are in a neck to neck competition with each other where they’re beautifying the outlook of their pages (as if that’s sufficient). They need to pay more attention to things that will work for them in the long run; however, that’s not likely the case (and wouldn’t be for quite some time, unless someone takes an initiative and creates a monopoly).

People often try to go to the extent of complicating things on their pages in an attempt to beautify it. That is a total turn off; refrain from doing so my friends. People today want an easy to work with page rather than to find themselves tangled in a whole mess of options. However, fret not; I’m right here with some perfect guidelines on how to work around with beauty and simplicity at the same time while you’re working on your page.

•    The appearance of your page

Have you been playing around with your color scheme or adjusting the gradient to make it more appealing to the eye? Or are you downloading some “hot” templates that might swipe your viewers off their feet? What I know you must be into is copying off another gallery that you just visited. That is a BIG no-no! You can’t be caught copying off somebody’s style; that’s a total disgust.

•    The Dribbble Syndrome

Dribbble has become quite a popular feature today, which is why copying anybody’s template or design has become as easy as 1 2 3. Just a glimpse of someone’s web page is enough to have it embedded in our own systems; you wouldn’t even know the underlying details, but you’d still indulge in putting the same attractiveness to your page. Copying wouldn’t really become an issue if people stop putting up their designs, but you should respect the effort put in order to come to such a point.

•    No-style Comparison

If a design is just beautiful and has absolutely no use while, on the other hand, you’ve got a gorgeous design with easy to use features, which would you prefer? Now work on it, accordingly.

•    How Can You Use a Design?

You should remember that beauty isn’t all that you should concentrate on when designing; rather you should focus on embedding responsive elements to your page and also follow a consistent theme and color selection. These two things will enhance the usability of a page, since they work to design every pixel on the page.

•    More Usage Doesn’t Mean It’s Ugly

I know I’ve been going on about how less you should focus on beauty of a webpage and concentrate more on the usability part; but I so don’t mean to say that you should totally eliminate beauty. Usable things can be very beautiful too.

Let me give you a very basic example; why do so many people choose Facebook over any other social network (Twitter may be taking a hike for the same reason)? That’s simply because they’ve focused on how to make it more user-oriented and friendly; they’ve worked on detailing that requires your input. The features are very uncomplicated yet beautiful.

So, let’s take a good look at these points and get started on our page.


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