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Designing by Numbers: Data Analysis for Web Designers

The vital question which may be asked is what designing by numbers means to web designers? According to the experts designing by numbers do not just relate to numerical denominations indicating features on a web page. In reality, it is answering the what, why, and how of the design structure.


The implications of ‘what’ are enormous. It is the actual undertaking which could be a vividly outlined masterpiece either on paper or within the mind’s eye. What is it that must be placed on a web page as a design? What content should be applied?

What Illustrations are to be used? What graphic infiltrations are most appropriate as supporting material?
These are pertinent to the “What” scenario that must be adequately addressed for simplicity. To a great extent, they are indicative of subsets of ‘what’ which can underlie or undermine the process. Often they are representative of:-
• What do site users need?
• What elements frustrate users?
• What can be done to achieve adjectives
• What is perfect about the site
• What is not so perfect
• What can be undertaken to make it better.
Yes!  Answering these “What “questions with clarity, definitely are the important numbers for web data analysis.


Why is like applying mathematical formulas to the design. They precisely stipulate why people are not using the comments; why there is such low traffic; why users cannot navigate the site and why support for internet explorer 6 is necessary.

This is the bundled “why” package a designer must open in making vital numerical designing decisions. They do unwrap the codes for entry into the portals of the design. Surely, knowing what is so to be done, then providing justification for each encoding becomes is the greatest challenge for web designers.
Why it is that a section for comments ought to be designed which users hardly use? Where is the justification for it? Do the math! Are there statistics to justify this. The designer can go on dissecting the codes for justification.


“How” demonstrates the method to be utilized in arriving at the solution or design. It encompasses, how can the designer improve user engagement; how can the design be more user friendly; how can users be easily directed to essential items and how could the designer collaborate with an Internet explorer 6  that works.

Importantly, what, why and how combinations are numbers the designer will use to in their data analysis career. It is just that simple and precedes all other technicalities in the science.

Statistical gathering methods

It is important for the web designer to be acquainted with the three most popular statistical gathering methods available in wed data analysis. They are onsite data, third party generated data and social data.

Distinctly, these types of data collection methods operate as separate applications. However, the option exists for them to be utilized individually or as a combination. It is highly advisable that they be used as an integrated product. Each method will be further discussed in its entirety in another article.


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