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Designing for Mobiles

Mobile design is something more and more of us have to contend with whether we want to or not. The new age of design is upon us, and we need to think a lot smaller and more compact as a result. The days of unlimited bandwidth can take a backseat again. You really need to be able to have fast turnarounds in a small space and take into account many items that go back to the days when you had to design for a 14.4 kbit/s modem. To most of the designer that is an unheard bandwidth but that was what most people had in the earlier days and in actual fact in some of the more out of it countries, its what they still have.

While the modern mobile isn’t restricted to this bandwidth, the screen is so small, and you have to make items visible in such a small space you are designing for a very restricted space. This is still an area of web design that is just starting to evolve.

It’s a good idea to go on to the iPhone website and check out there suggested codes and also on to the templates that are available on the Photoshop website. Google also has a few suggestions. There are wireframes available for your designs, which will make designing far easier as you have major input already in place. There are also several various icons available sized correctly for mobiles.

Overall it has become very important to include the mobile version for your website as more and more are using their iPhone or blackberry or one of the other models of internet ready cell phones to scroll through the web.

It is a good idea to look at some of the websites that have gone ahead and made themselves ready for the mobile phones. Google has a list of these websites. In actual fact, they list more than 1000.

It is interesting to think what would cause a person to use their phone as a means to get on line. What is so urgent to them that they have to get on line immediately to see a website? While I can understand their need for social media like Twitter and Facebook, I really couldn’t fathom out the frantic need to see a website. Twitter and Facebook were apparent because it is similar to talking, even if it is by text. Personally, I find both Twitter and Facebook a bit inane, but I can see the need for some people to be verbal.

The reason I mention this is because of the types of websites that need to get up and running on their mobile ready websites right away.

I would say anything that interests youngsters, like music, cellphone extras, electronics and movies are in the major range for this market.

Further markets that might need to have a fast look at this area would be things like golf, tennis, football, In fact, any type of sport or sports equipment. This is a pretty wide market and anyone designing in these areas should include the necessary scaled down website in accordance to the necessary iOS of the mobile phones and the iPads of this world.


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