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Designing Friendlier Websites

Websites are there for two reasons. One of them is to inform and the second is to sell you something. In either case, one of our prime objectives is to keep people there as long as possible and to also get them to follow through and do what you want them to do.

With current technology and the codes available, the ability to create a phenomenal website is accessible to everyone who really takes the time and effort to find the necessary codes or right designer.

Classy well formatted websites with clear well signposted directions to get the user to follow should have a better response than a brash in your face objective. We have probably all seen those straight up and down sites that only have one purpose, which is to make you buy some digital product. The demand and direct compelling text which directs you to buy immediately, or you will lose the opportunity is said to be extremely effective. Personally, for me, it doesn’t work. I see the site and scroll down for two second, and I am gone. I know what they are trying to do.

For me the second way works. Here you have a really good informative genuine site which gives you one going assistance and information, but eventually you find what they are offering quietly. Having learnt to trust the site, I am far more likely to buy. The things I look for are good articles, which are factual with good graphics in a website that is not overcrowded and very well signposted.

This requires a site that has more than just a brief post but the whole site is well thought out with a good menu, a good header, and a good footer with superb graphics all of which are held together in a cohesive manner.

When a visitor comes to your website, they are usually looking for the exact thing you are offering. Generally the first thing they will look for if it’s an item that they are wanting to purchase will be for a photo of the item. This is your Attraction article. Its main object is to grab attention. If possible have the photo in a rotating format showing all the advantage and features of the item. Give a good description both in text and in voice if possible. This will make them want the product. Now that they want it make it simple and easy for them to purchase. Your purchase form should be extremely simple so that your customer isn’t put off from buying by difficult things like entering difficult codes or hindering the customer in anyway. Simple purchase options like Paypal, Credit card or Google Checkout are probably the best way to go.  Always make a point of saying thank you and make them remember you for your politeness and good response to any queries.

Never have a hidden agenda but be up front with your visitors and give more for their visit than they expect. It is important from the trust point of view that your visitor should have a good experience with your site to make sure they are both repeat visitors and will recommend you to friends and colleagues.  This is very essential as you will only have the higher response if you follow through with all the points. A half way site will not hit the spot as far as most of the people are concerned.

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