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Designing in a Corporate Environment

Once you have achieved a certain amount of experience and either got a degree in art or design or both you might be ready to enter the corporate market. Understand the corporate market is totally different from entering an artistic market like a design firm where you will be in a like minded environment.

This is a corporate world where money is king. The corporate world is a far cry from the world of being said an art director.

One thing you have to remember from the start, they will have strict ideas on what the job entails and the way their brand should be presented. There will be a lot of good things about being in a corporate environment from a regular pay check to not having to look for business or the normal things like having medical expenses subsidized and sometimes bonuses and things like that.

Learn fast as to what you are required to do and what the restrictions are. These are going to be your lifestyle so learn the rules. Once you know the rules you can look to see where you can put in your creative ideas and where they will be well received. Learn to make yourself indispensable.  Once you achieve that your ideas will be listened to, and you can then make a difference in the way the artistic side of the business is run.

You really need to live a double corporate life. The way they have been used to running things and then think in a way of how you can improve the way things are done while changing things to a better way of doing things with modern ideas rather than the rather out of date ways they have been using for the current internet applications. Do not make the mistake of complaining about them but rather start developing a counter product that when the opportunity presents itself, you can then present as an alternative. Make sure you have all your ‘I’s dotted and your‘t’s crossed. You will need all your ideas well documented and be ready at a moment’s notice. This will be your chance to shine in the eyes of the corporate heads with a good presentation. You need to be very careful as to who you present it to. The fact of the matter in a corporate world you will always find those that use others to climb the corporate ladder and take credit for work of others. This is a fact of the corporate life.

By being inventive and creative will mean that many times you will be asked for your input into items outside of your designated role in the firm. This is a great way to extend your usefulness and your input. This extends your mind as well as your expertise. There is no harm in letting other branches of the firm know that you are available to help them with any artistic item they want to create.

This can be your way to recreate a new creativity in the firm. Corporations honestly don’t see this in the normal everyday walk of life. They have laid down their ways maybe 50 years before and stuck with it.


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