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Developers, Designers, and User’s Choice for Essential Browser Features

The term “Browsing” has now evolved immensely depending upon the internet connectivity. You know that an internet browser is the bridge between you and the world of internet. Precisely, what we discuss here in this article will not be about any specific browser or some kind of browser war but will show the essential features in a browser to qualify as the best one.

As a new user to the internet, you want genuine user friendly support, and any smart Joe will look for the simplest forms of browsing complexities.

Developers and designers presented a core to the world in terms of generating a positive response from the crowd. Still desirable attributes do not formulate cohesively to produce a single consortium.

This article will discuss about that desirable and essential browser which has all the essential tools of being the perfect browser and giving the best experience among all.

User’s Point of View and Needs

The most important entity among all, users decide what the future perspective of browsers holds. Users look for some important features in their browser. Let us see what a user wants from the most essential browser.

(1) Memory Usage

First among the list is memory usage or utilization by the browser. This is very important as seen from user’s point of view. Earlier versions of browsers did not have multi-tab function due to which you had to open separate window for various websites.

This consumed a lot of memory in terms of utilization. Old computers would face a lot of problems due to this and get hanged a lot. Multi-tab facility is hence a definite need of a user in the essential browser features list.

(2) Performance of Processor

New resource means new process and with every new process your processor is getting used up. Same is the case when a browser tries to open multi-windows. Moreover, time taken by a webpage to load is also dependent upon the speed of the processor. Loading huge data or downloading multiple files will slow down the working rate of your computer.

(3) Power Saver

Thinking may lead you to places where it was not even possible to go. Internet Browser causing more consumption of power really is one of those thoughts. Continuous power consumption is one thing but there is a notion among users that Internet Browsers use a lot of power when working for a long time. True or not but the fact remains that a better power saving browser is needed.

(4) Synchronization

There are various browsers in this world and only some of them have the facility to synchronize with other platforms. Mozilla Firefox is an example of one such browser that synchronizes data easily from your other browsers.

For example, your want to load the history of your browser on computer to your mobile device, but it is only possible with much effort. Users want an easy way to synchronize, and we wish that it happens soon.

(5) Socially Connected Browsers

Social networking has arrived as the biggest thing in online world. Users want the same kind of features in their browsers as well. Tool bars are nowadays available to separately install these added on features by which you can get socially connected and enhance the working of Internet Browsers.

Designer’s Point of View and Needs

What you see is just the creation of the designers and when it comes to selecting essential browser features, designers do not look for what a user would like. Speed, performance, memory usage are not the features they are looking for. What matters for them, are aesthetic looks of the website and how it performs on your browsers along with UX and flow of the website.

Designers know the importance of social media interaction between the websites and public. This is the reason why they are actually forced to comply with this need and push social media apps in websites. This is why a designer looks for an integrated way to use social media on a browser separately so that they are free to design in their mannerism. Imagining that is easy but complexity involved in it is still there due to which it is still not involved in any browser. This is the most aesthetic requirement and need of designers for essential browser features.

Developer’s Point of View and Needs

Coding arena enters the consortium and hence comes forward with developers on the block. For them, designing does not matter and nor the things that matter to the user. Since they are coding people, they think in respect with code only. For them, nothing seems impossible when they start with their mind on coding and you may say that it’s a never ending process. What they look for in the browsers are as follows:

(1) Compatibility with HTML5

Since the arrival of HTML5, it has been easy for people to use the World Wide Web in its best form. At the same time, developers are thinking about the compatibility issues generating from browsers. Many times a page doesn’t load specific images or takes immense time to load a single page with integrated effects. Since every browser in the market has its own set of rules and sharing issues with others, developers work on their own module and by far stretch to get a common platform.

(2) Cross-Browser Compatibility

Opening different browsers on the same machine? There are numerous browsers available in the world today. Some of the famous ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and the veteran Internet Explorer.

All these have different coding structures and working styles that are either compatible with other browsers or not. This is the headache of coders as they want cross-browser compatibility.

(3) Editing on the Fly

Perhaps the most effective solution for developers looking for change in the website, the final thing in the list of developer for essential browser features is editing on the fly. This means that if you do not like what you see on the internet browser, you can change it right away.


In the end, there are some issues which are still worked upon on Internet Browsers and there are some features which have already enhanced the working module. What you get in the end is a positive ground that change has a possibility to evolve son with technology development and time. At this moment, we can only wish for the best compatible working Internet Browser of all times.


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