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Do we need to pray on people’s sins?

If all our wants and desires are sins, then I guess that is what we appeal to when we want to sell to people on the internet.  People have always appealed to the needs, wants and desires of others in order to sell to the buyer. Some are a little more blatant about it but in actual fact it’s the way commerce works.

Let use look at how we sell. We create a website and use example of people who use our product. Obviously, we are going to appeal those that have a high regard for a company or a person that they admire. They want to emulate a person of stature and be classed in the company of that person because you are using the same product is what you are appealing to. You want them to think if people know I am using a product that is used by Mr. X Y or Z then they will think of me in the same light.  You won’t use people that no one knows. That would be pointless. The snob appeal would be lost.

Another thing, we do is appeal to people’s pride of accomplishment. Your pride of achievement can be appealed to if, for example, people who have built a website for a successful company show how it is achieving high ranking as a result of using their service. Now you want a high ranking website so you go to them in the hopes, they will do the same for you. Their advertising has appealed to your wish to achieve similar results. If they hadn’t advertised the fact that they had built, their website you might never have signed up with them. Therefore, by advertising the high ranking company, they appealed to your sense to achieve similar statue.  Sometimes it actually pays you to offer a free product to a good high profile name on condition you can advertise it and get their recommendation. This is done a lot with high end marketers.

Every considered over giving on a product? It works. If you bundle a whole lot of items of good quality together and then offer it at a one price bid it can appeal to those that wish to save money and get a bargain.  What you can also do is have a monthly fee and then appeal to their thrift by offering them a bargain if they pay for the year and thus give them a month free or similar. This makes sense, in fact, because if you put the money into the bank you earn interest on it so really it doesn’t cost you anything. However, the client feels they got a bargain.

Appeal to people’s laziness. Offer to do something for them so that they don’t have to repeatedly do it for themselves.  With a product that takes a repeated task off someone’s hands for a small amount of money you will always have a winner.

I remember a few years back, I used to have someone come in and clean the dust out of my pc for a couple of dollars a month. I didn’t miss the dollars, and my pc has never been so clean. It was a task I put off doing for myself for months but the service was so reasonable and did the entire mall, they made a profit and everyone was happy. Unfortunately, I moved towns and have found the same service since. See folks there’s an opening for you.


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