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Do you have a portfolio – part 2

If you are creating a portfolio you need a whole lot more than you realize. Sometimes you just think you need one program, but really you need much more. There are so many add ons that you can use to create better portfolio if you really look around. Do not just grab the first you see but really look at them all and mix and match for yourself. Let us take a look at few of the available items. Remember there are only a few of the items that are available. WordPress has hundreds of different plug-ins and it really pays to search through them to see what is available.

First up is Cforms 11

Here you find forms that you need for your portfolio. This is a plug-in from WordPress for you to create the forms you need for contact, etc. for the site. These can be modified for your own requirements. This is not just one form it is a whole collection of various forms you might need. So pick and choose among them to find the ones you want.

Gd Starrating

With this plug-in, you can create a rating system for all the posts on your site. You can add stars and reviews and all that sort of things. It creates a bit of interest around your site. Its rather nice to be able to award a rating to various people for the various posts they make. It makes them feel appreciated.

Post your weekly template

This plug-in allows you to create a template, which you can use for the kind of post you do on a frequent basis. If you do a post on a certain day and keep the same style you can use this kind of template as its like doing a standard post once a week, and then you can just plug-in the info and a photo in a particular place.

The WordPress photoblog Plug-in

This plug-in is useful but still in the experimental stage. The current version is in a beta stage. It runs with PHP5 only. Other versions of .php are no longer supported. The author has created a means where by you can also contribute to the plug-in. This is in the info section of his site.

Google site maps

This plug-in generates a Google site map for you. This is very useful and helpful for search engines and should always appear on your site. The good thing about it is when you create a new post this map sends out a message to the spiders letting them know so they crawl your site again to get the info. It is like pinging your site.


Wordbook is a plug in that allows you to link up with Facebook and will put your most recent blogs on your Facebook wall.

Connecting up Twitter

By using this plug in into your blog you can see your Twitter tweets appear on your blog, and you can also tweet from your blog itself.

Be Sociable

This plug-in will link your various social networking sites to your blog. There are up to 99 sites available with the current plug-in, and it has proved to be compatible with WordPress 3.01.

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