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Do You have a portfolio?

Most people have a need of the portfolio at some stage. Even if it is just to keep a group of photos together.  When you finally need to get this organized there are several items of interest that might appeal you.

If you are a photographer or an artist of any kind or maybe a singer or for any kind of website that requires a portfolio, there are a few items that might be of your interest. One of the great ways to do this is of course using WordPress.  There are several plug-ins for WordPress, which make it very easy to do.


This is a plug-in for WordPress that enables you to show a single picture or an overview of your album. You can have a gallery list or create a slideshow. You do require php for this to work. In addition, there is a sidebar widget with which you can configure to show a random snapshot. Another item you need is a GD 2 Library.

Second on my list of plug-ins available is Flipping Book

This portfolio gives you one page at a time and then flips the page. This is a WordPress plug-in.  It is very effective for an unusual kind of portfolio.

Do you want a drop shadow effect?

Image Drop Shadow Plug-in gives you just that. It’s very simple to use and gives you that depth of shadow on your image.

Thumbnails for Excerpts in Next

This makes a more interesting version of a thumbnail than the normal WordPress normally will.  You have to point them out manually, but it doesn’t strip tags, which is a huge advantage. If you want a small image next to your text this is a great advantage.

Featured Content Gallery

This is a great program plug-in and gives you an incredible view of the snapshots you are displaying. It is fully automated and gives you a view of a rotating gallery of customized photographs in the area you want it. It is also usable as thumbnails, which means you can then click to display the full picture. It gives you some really good options.  To get full instructions and a view of the features available go to the homepage. The actual download is listed on WordPress plug-ins. You can put in a text message at the bottom.

Your Flickr Gallery

This uses the photos and videos that you have stored on your Flickr account and display them here. The items you want shown, can be cached in your database, and you can embed flickrs movie player in your site. There are a huge amount of options that are available for this plug-in. If you store photos on Flickr this is well worth a look at.

Word Tube

This plug-in requires the longtail Jwplayer to work. This program enables you to play videos direct from your site. You can keep them in your database to be called forward on different pages and in different orders. These parameters are set by you. This is your own Media plug-in.

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