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Do you intend to be a designer and work with others in an agency?

Once you are ready to join the free world of the web and put yourself out there as a designer. You could well end up in a group of designers in an agency. Some people like this kind of environment. You really have three choices as a designer. You can work Freelance, you can work in house, or you can become part of an agency.

If you are part of an agency or considering joining an agency, there are several things you need to take into consideration. It can be really scary to join an agency. You are no longer an individual you are part of a social and media group. You will be the rookie of the group the new comer and will have to find your niche in that group of folks.

You will be in that same environment for 7 or 8 hours a day. You will have a client list you have to provide services for, and you could be scared but you need to accept it and take it full on.

The thing about working in an agency is that you are not a free agent you are part of a group. You also have the ability to ask for advice, help or suggestions from others in your group. Usually you have about 4 or maybe even 5 people working on a particular project. The big joy of this kind of work is you tend to be working on far bigger projects that would normally not come your way as a freelancer or as a house designer. You will be working with people who are really experts in their particular fields. This gives you views of projects, which you might never normally have seen. Your ideas will grow exponentially as you are learning more about the various modalities in the design fields. One of the good things about this is your particular role in any project is usually well defined so you know exactly what you are expected to produce while at the same time you are exposed to areas that you can learn a great deal from. It is like getting a PhD in design from a high class university where you are friends with the faculty staff.

Being focused on a particular area of design means you will be able to really learn a specialty right down to the core of the design field. You will be able to really extend your normal boundaries and learn about the limits of a particular field. You will in all probabilities also have the chance of learning about items that click with things you are interested in from the experts in that field. With new fields coming at a daily rate you will be able to keep up with new technology and even may become your own expert in those new items.

One of the drawbacks is that the schedule you have to keep to isn’t your own. You are part of a team and as such the team leader sets the schedule. You have to slot your work in where it is required, and you need to produce on schedule. Hopefully, you will have a good boss where you can both achieve as you wish and who won’t put unachievable expectations on your shoulders.


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