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Do You Need Photography?

Photography as a hobby is always good when you do web design. The eye you need to take good photos stands you well when you are doing your designs. You require that eye in the creation aspect of any design but in doing an e-commerce design it’s doubly important.

An E-commerce requires top notch photos of the items that are on sale with clear indicators as to product, sizing and pricing.

When you consider it, normally if people are shopping, they go into a store and find the article, they are interested in. They then pick it up and handle it from every side and usually the inside as well. All this goes into the making up of the mind as to whether or not to buy.  They will compare it with other products of similar design and compare prices. If an item is shoddily made they will probably discard it. However, when it’s an online store all they have is a photo. There for the photos have to be all inclusive and give all aspects in high quality for the visitor to entice them to buy.

At the same time, you need to keep it real. It’s no good displaying flowers in a vase if the vase isn’t included in the actual price and if the flowers are delivered as a bouquet. This can actually work against you if you do this. Make it clear, what is included and what isn’t.

If you are displaying computer, but you only selling the computer box not the screen and all the rest this must be very clear. Failure to make it clear can result in claims of false advertising and get you in really hot water if not law suites.

Remember how a high couturier advertises their product in the window.  You never see a window full of dresses. It is one dress shown to ultimate advantage. Quite often they don’t even show a price then. That doesn’t work on the web though. People just get annoyed if you don’t give the price. There isn’t a shop to go into, and they don’t want to get to the checkout to find that its way out of their price range. You have to hit the middle ground of showing to advantage and egging them on further but do give the price plus all the advantages of the product.  If possible give alternatives showing the advantages of your product but never decry the opposition.

Below are some examples of websites with good photos that really sell products.


Here you are with a website where minimal says it all.
All you see is a couple of photos, but they show you all you need to know. It shows the best of all their products.  Notice how even though they are three different companies, they all keep to the same or family of logos. The overall site is excellent where less is definitely more as it leads you from page to page. You get engrossed so you want to learn more about the camera and the lenses.  Their photography, of course, is excellent.


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