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Do you use Photosharing?

People all over the world have become shutter buffs and the taking of photographs of quality has never been easier. The current trend in digital photography with mega-pixels has made it so easy to take good photos or edit photos to select a good section of a photo that people are taking more and more advantage of the online facilities to share their photos. The great thing about these photo sharing sites is that you can store your photographs on line and even sell them if you want to. While there are several that most of us know there is a whole lot more that aren’t as well known.

Woophy is an amateur photography website which is encouraging photographers around the worldwide to upload photos of the area in which they live. They want representation of the entire world pasted on their world map.

Snapfish has members in many countries and more than 2 billion photographs uploaded to their storage system. They provide you with the ability to upload from your mobile device as well as your normal computer. The service is free to join and gives you several different items you can use like editing tools as well as other facilities where you can get discounts on printing of your photographs.

Phanfare is a subscription website which offers a free 14 day trial. You are offered unlimited storage and the ability of making your own photographic website, which can also host High density videos and slide-shows. There are two different options to purchase, Pro and Premium.

iPhoto which is obviously Apple, is a site where you can crop and edit your photos. The software on this site takes things a little further than most people might want by recognizing people’s faces and tagging them by name.

Panoramio is a travel photo site for you to be able to tag and show off the photos by using Google Maps. This means the photos are there of areas all over the world of great photos.

Kodak which has been in the photography business since pa fell off the bus has a digital photo sharing website called Kodak-gallery. This site offers you the ability to use your photographs on things like mugs, books, cards and all sorts of interesting things as well as edit and share your photographs.

Jalbum is a free service where you can create your own personal URL and upload your photos into your own album. There are over 34 million photos albums uploaded there. The site is customizable and you can post your social widgets on to your blog.

Ipernity has great search ability and will host not only your photos and videos but also audio tracks which you can then share on your website or blog. They also have groups you can join and there is an ability to download photos from people willing to share.

ComBoost has a lot going for it with the different available formats slideshows and customization ability. Not only can you share photos here, but you can use features to create full screen photographic slide-shows.

This is just a small glimpse of some of the available photo sharing sites available that are not that well known as yet.


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