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Do you use Video?

Video use as a background for websites has become more prevalent over the last couple of years. Mostly, it has been using Flash but with the new XHTML52 available some have used this as well. Several sites have managed it well but on a whole it isn’t a good idea if you want to reach the wider audience. It takes up too much power from a small pc. And it won’t work that well from the more modern day applications like mobile phones. Your decision is to decide on whether to use this kind of application on a site or not. I have seen it used very effectively with the Joomla program, and there it was both fast and effective. I do not know what the basis was for that and unfortunately, at the time failed to take note of it. Silly me.

Some of the sites which have used this kind of flash some with good effect and some not so good are listed below.

An Italian fashion house called Byblos has used it.  Here you have the use of the video in the background without being obtrusive. On the home page, it is a bit obvious but inside it is only used on a limited basis. This site got a thumbs up from me. It didn’t lag and although I turned the music off because it wasn’t my kind of music as it tended to be a bit hypnotic, the overall way the site ran was excellent. This was one of the better examples of the use of video.

I went on to the Nike site with expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. It loaded fast and while it loaded there was enough to keep me occupied. The Nike design was interesting and the way it was described although it was a little difficult to catch the accent was interest and short enough not to make it drag. Each section is in the form of a little video clip so its not one huge download. Overall it was well done.

The use of a minimalist approach and video is a bit unusual. Anti Sweden of Norway has used this idea. Here you will find a background of video without the use of sound or graphics, which means the site is not a resource hog.

I Surf Because is a website that uses this embedded background on their homepage but not on the rest of the site. This means the website doesn’t hog your pc, but it also loses some of its impact because the videos which are embedded from YouTube lack that dramatic effect. The way the videos have been made was, however, interesting with the use of pauses and tags.

A shoe brand that has used this background video in their website is FiveFingers and the website is called youarethetechnology. The whole website uses these background videos. They have given you the option on what bandwidth to use, which is excellent. The concept and execution are both good although not something that would appeal to me.


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