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Do you use WordPress toolbars?

WordPress tool bars are becoming more popular and amazingly there are many available that you can use on your website or blog. I know there are several websites using their own toolbars and who knows maybe you would like to use one too. There are numerous available, which can be plugged into your WordPress theme. These can be used with good effect to bring people back to your page and can be used effectively if you have a subscription website as it means people will be logging in regularly to see the latest items you have updated. It can almost be used in place of a newsletter if you explain it properly to people.

The first I looked at was Extendy Toolbar. This is a fairly simple plug-in which is available from WordPress as a download. This gives you the ability to put the toolbar on your site.

Gigya Toolbar is a plug-in from WordPress, and it has 80 social sites you can apply on it. This hopes to be able to soon have the ability to allow you to receive payment for search traffic from the tool bar. Not sure how they hope to implement this but that is what they say.

WordPress themselves have a toolbar plug-in called Static Toolbar. This was written by Julien Appert. This puts various items on your page down on the bottom.

mit3xxx.de Toolbar is a WordPress download where you can set up your WordPress with one of 20 different modes, from a narrow red dropdown to a full page that shows over the entire site. It is compatible up to 3.1.

If you want to have people preview a theme without having to download it this is the toolbar you need. It’s the WordPress Demo Bar. Once you plug this into your website or blog you can then show off the design themes you have available.

If you want a Bar similar to Digg, there is a plug-in available called the WordPress Bar. What this does is create a navigation bar where you can place all external links.

Similar to the previous plug-in there is another plug-in called the External Links Bar. Both of these do a similar job, and both are compatible to 3.1.

The WordPress admin bar is a great way of controlling your site without having to go into your dashboard. You can use this to do your posts and all the other multitude of tasks without ever having to log into your dashboard.

A slight improvement has been added to the former admin bar by the Improved Admin Bar is that it now suggests you log in if you aren’t logged in.

The next toolbar is similar to Mashable and enables you to share News and other stories via your social net working sites. It is called Dragshare.

Snipi is a drag and drop image tool which allows you to import graphics and photos from webpages you find on the net. This is actually a Firefox tool bar as well.

You can use this with WordPress media Library as well as with next Gen Gallery.

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