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Domain names that will work – part 1

Ideas for a domain name need to have very good relevance to reflect what the domain is about. It is no good calling the site the toy shop and then talking about carpentry. Too often you see a site called by the persons name or something similar which has no relevance at all to what the site is actually talking about. If you are selling toy balloons, then, somewhere in the domain name that should be reflected. Relevance, Relevance, Relevance has replaced the old watchwords of the shopkeeper’s Position, Position, Position.

With that in mind I have come up with a few tools that might help you in your domain name research.

The first site we are visiting is NameStation

This site has a domain name generator. Here you decide what word you want included and what extension you want such as .com and can choose to display only available names. It does have the drawback that it appears to that the word you type in as they must start with phases instead of including it in all types of combinations. It also appears to only do 20 at a time.

Next I looked at NxDom

This generates all the names that are available from the first letters you type in. Unfortunately, I could not find out how to make it generate a specific end extension like .com


Now this is a really good tool.  You can include your keyword and then let it create a word around it that it will check as to whether it is available or not and in what format.  This is a triple star rating from me, and it made it on to my list of favorites.

Next up is Instant Domain Search

This one, searches for a domain name for you and on finding one that is available, and you wish to buy will forward you to GoDaddy for registration and will apply a coupon of $7.49 to the domain giving you a discount when you register a dot com.
Ajaxwhois is another domain search tool

Here you can search for the instant response to any name query you put in for both .com and .net as well as other extensions. Apply ticks to the type of extensions you wish to search. Several different discounts apply on names you choose to register at GoDaddy. It’s quick to use and seems through.

Pyschics whois is next

When you type in a name into this tool it auto completes it with all the combinations. If you then click on any of these names it will tell you if it is available or not.


Domize completes any word you put in and tells you if that name in any of the formats is taken. It works very well and is fast.

Bust a name is next up

This site combines words and suggestions for you and tells you if there is a domain available with the combination. If you check out through this site the domain name will cost you $7.49 a year for a .com from GoDaddy.

Start searching for your domain name now.


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