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Domain names that will work – part 3

The domain name of your website is the very back bone of it. You need to have it well thought out, interesting, attractive and available.
The last is the most crucial of all.  Remember when you find the domain name you want, buy it there and then. It might not be there tomorrow. Domain names require being of relevance to the subject matter that will be produced in the site. It’s no good having a car web site that talks about bicycles.  At the end of the day if you buy a domain you need know it is right for you. Several people buy domains for a short span of use for mainly junk work so always be very careful buying a name that has expired. You might find yourself with a black spam mark against you before you even start. This is particularly noticeable amongst the marketers. They tend to buy names and when they are in trouble with one the move on to the next. Do research before purchasing an expired name.

To help you find the name you want, there are a couple of sites I can suggest.

The first one is Apt Domain

This is a name combiner. Here you can type in a couple of words, and it will give you suggestions of combinations and tell you if it is available. This is a very clever site as it combines the words and suggests other with similar meanings and then finds out if there are any available sites available with names relevant to these names. It’s a very well thought out tool and seems to work remarkably well.

Name Boy is up next

This is somewhat similar to the previous one but not quite. Here you can type in two words, and then it will show available options with hyphens or with synonyms. I played with it for a while, and it came up with some very interesting combinations that I would probably not have thought of.

Xona Domain Hacks

This tool provides an interesting slant on creating a name. It gives the example of Del.icio.us which is the .us extension. And the name is created around the word Delicious. This tool takes the word you type in and tries to fit it with an available extension. I tried it out on a few items, and it came up with extensions I didn’t know existed.

Domain Typer is next

Similar to the previous site but with a few extras added. It gives you the hacks, and it tells you what is available around the world. It is an interesting concept to use as so often the name we want is already taken.

Domainr is of a similar nature but not quite so up to date

This site also produces a variety of possibilities but when checked on GoDaddy, they were already taken.

Domain Bot is our last look for today

When typing in a domain to find you can combine two or more worlds and this site spins them to come up with suggestions.  It tells you if it’s available and how much it will cost. Several of them seem to be rather on the pricey side. But take a look.


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