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Drupal functionality

Drupal is an open source platform that has many modules that you can use as add-ons. There are so many, in fact, it will be hard to pick my favorites. All of them add their bit to the overall usefulness of the platform. This is a good alternative to WordPress. Yes you heard me use that word. I am prejudiced and I admit it.

The first add on module I collected for you is Menu Block.

With this instead of only having a top level menu you can create a multi navigation feature and have them as either fly outs or as the drop downs. This module enables you to pull the navigation together and place them where you want them.

The next I liked is Automatic Nodetitles.

This is a no fuss, little add on which automatically creates titles for you. You can do quite a few different things with this with a few settings.

Nodewords this is where SEO rears its ugly head. We always need to utilize keywords in our text, and this module allows you to choose your keywords by the node: Either by word or by the phrase.

Drupal has Image cache, which will help you by enabling you to size images that are upload by being able to cut and also fix color on the site without having to download them fix them and reload them.

Slideshows in Drupal can be enhanced by using views slideshow.

This does not only have to be used with pictures but with articles, headlines and anything else you can think of. It gives life to the website. You can use the fade-in to add extra pizzazz.

Sections in your node (blog) can be highlighted and titles added by using Nodesqueue.

This brings more notice to a particular section of the post.

Flag is a sort of anti spam device which picks up what it thinks might be spam for you to check before it is posted.

Of course you can use the flag as an aid to your memory as well.

Private Messages are possible on this platform as people can be allocated their own boxes to receive messages in.

This can also be used in conjunction with other modules such as Advanced Profile Kit.

How about giving out User badges?

This means each one of your users can get their own badge for use in their posts or node. You could also use the Points section with this and create a little competition to enable the badges. The spirit of competition keeps people coming back. Just look at the games on Facebook and how popular they are.

Add Google Maps to your site with Gmaps the use of Google Maps is a great advantage to many a website, especially, when you want to put your address up for people to come to your place of business.

Ubercart is your web cart for an e commerce site.

If you are selling anything you need to have a cart to send to your checkout point whatever it is: Paypal or Google checkout or any of the other options.


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