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Easy improvements

Forget about relaxing for those coupled oh spare hours you have. You really need to take a step back and take a jaundice look at your blog or website.
How does it appear to a casual visitor? You have got so used to the look and feel of your baby who you are most likely just jogging along feeling it perfect. Things are seldom perfect and with the continual improvements available in the form of plug-ins and widgets, there are probably many things you can do that will make a difference to the look and feel of your blog.

Just a few small things can make a very big difference to a site if you think about it.

The typography used on your site:

How visible is the typography on your site? Is it clean, clear and visible to all?
Being fancy and using way out text is all very well but remember, it has to be the cross browser. There is no good liking the look of your site in one browser only to have it changed in another because the type isn’t recognized by that browser. It can be a bit of a pain but sometimes one needs to check how it appears in all the different browsers. There are several simple rules about typography, which are there for a reason. The reason is they make the site more functional, and they work.

Use short sentences:

Long sentences are too cumbersome for most to read and digest the meaning easily.

Leave the spacing of your text wide:

If the size of letters you choose won’t fit in the width of space, lower the sizing. However, that said make sure it’s easily readable.

Space your lines:

Don’t jam the lines up together. It makes for difficult and blurry reading. You want your text read, don’t you?

Don’t use caps unnecessarily:

On the internet caps are interpreted as shouting. Did you know people listen more intently to a whisper than a shout?

Don’t use multiple types of fonts:

People adjust their eyes to the type of font being used. If you too many kinds their eyes get tired, and they move on. Make sure the types you use are cross browser. Its fine using one that works in windows. Does it work on Macs?

Dark Backgrounds are ok. But….

It’s far easier to read black on white or some other light color. Use good contrasts as far as colors are concerned.

Is your white space there?

White space around your type is very important. You don’t want it crammed up against the edge. Furthermore, make sure it adjusts to the size of the screen being used. Many a time lately, I have had to push that maximize button for my screen to be able to read all the text. I tend to have many windows open, so I like to toggle between them. Result is: I can’t easily with a maximized screen. I then have to go to the bottom of my page to find the page I was working on.

Hope your fonts are now easier to read. I will be looking for them.


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