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Essential Plug-ins for WordPress

WordPress as a platform is great and has an awful lot going for it, but it is the basic platform and does need extra stuff to complete it. I guess there are a few plug-ins that will eventually be incorporated into the platform but at the present moment you still need to either install the plug-ins or turn them on and register for them.

A quick run through of the ones that are really important is listed below.

Feed Burner

To send out your RSS feed you need this plug-in. This is a link to your visiting public that actually sign up to get your RSS updates. This enables you to track your possible subscribers and send them on to your feed burner. This enables you to create your own RSS feed. You can set it up to what you actually want sent out.

WP Super Cache

Super Cache will turn dynamic WordPress sections into a static html file, which means it will load a lot faster. This saves the amount that your server has to load every time. This makes a faster loading site all round and should be implemented as it really saves a lot of site generations for people logging into it. Faster loading pleases your visitors, which will result in return visits provided you have the content they are looking for.

Google XML Sitemaps

Every website needs to be ready for the search engines spiders and one thing they really like is a good site map. To help this along Google sitemap plug-in is essential. This enables you to make a site map of what pages you want listed and advise them not to list the private pages. It is a great way of making sure they know and list a host of pages but don’t get duplications. This plug-in also notifies any updates to your blog. This means the spiders know they need to come and check it out again.

All in One SEO Pack

One thing you need to do to be found on the internet is to make sure you optimize your WordPress for search engines.  Search engines are the way any website gets found on the internet.  You need to work to make sure that your website has good keywords and to make sure you optimize it in every way possible.  This not only makes sure that all the keywords are optimized up it also checks the page links for your navigation and fine tunes them. It is suitable for Commercial websites as well as ordinary ones. It is fully accessible to other plug-ins with the built in API and will make sure that the titles are optimized for search engines.


Akismet is included with your WordPress but needs to be turned on and registered. This is a plug-in that will fight spam on your website. All comments are checked and it will block them in the comments screen for review if it considers it comes from a doubtful source or the remark seems to be inappropriate.


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