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Essential WordPress Plug-ins to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

If you want to get your business going then you should be working on a good search engine ranking in order to drive traffic to your website. Most people nowadays are using WordPress, which basically does much of the work for placing you in the page ranks, however, there are some SEO features that are not considered or implemented in WordPress, and can be installed to enhance your ranking.

You have an extensive choice in the type of plug-ins you wish to install, according to how much you good you want your search engine ranking to be, although it is advisable to keep to a minimum of plug ins to avoid a server crash.

Here are some useful plug-ins you can use of WordPress, which will help you to rank high on your search engine ranking.

Broken Link Checker is used to monitor all the links in your website, which do not work correctly or any images that are missing. This is an essential plug-in as it will link any article you write to your domain. The plug-in will notify you of any changes in the future that may lead to dead ends.

All in One SEO Pack, is a plug in that allows you to change certain options in WordPress and enhance your search engine optimization. You can for instance, customize your post description or title and enter tags for each individual posts. You can also use the features such as auto generator of URLs for the whole WordPress site and even choose index or no index for archive pages.

SEO friendly images, is an optimization plug-in that will update all your images automatically using the correct alt and title attributes. When you have the right title tag and alt for your images you will have more traffic arriving from Google Image search.

Google XML sitemaps generator is another plug-in that will generate sitemaps that comply with XML-sitemap in your WordPress blog. Having a site map will allow the search engine spiders to browse the content in your blog easily, and these are also supported by other search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Ask. This is an advantage as not only will the content and keywords boost your ranking, so will the sitemap be adding to your ranking and search engine optimization.

Platinum SEO pack is another plug-in that has similar features as the All in One SEO Pack, however, it does have more options that the latter, which enhance its capacity. There are for instance features such as adding index or no-index, as well as follow or no-follow, no-ydir, no-odp, no-archive and no-snippet Meta tags to any page, article or post you wish.

No Self Pings will help you to take care of any decrease in your page ranking caused by self ping effects. This happens when the internal links on your website actually decrease page ranking as the navigation between pages causes a self ping effect. By eliminating this problem you will only be receiving back links from other websites, therefore gaining on page ranking.



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