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Evaluating lesser known CMS’s

Most of us are very familiar to both WordPress and other CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal but there are several others, which are worthy of examination when we are looking for a CMS to use.
There are several CMS’s that hardly ever get a mention and today we are going to take a brief look at a few of them. One of the problems with a CMS that is not hosted by yourself is they can cut the rug from under your feet in an instant and there is nothing you can really do about it. There are people who have had multiple blogs, which have all been getting a small return in income daily and suddenly the host has decided to block and ban them. Result is “No income”. Overnight. Personally, I think this is rather a short sighted way to go. For the small amount of money, it takes to buy a domain name and the small hosting fee a month you are far safer. If you keep your Google nose clean and don’t spam people you are set up and get a regular income. It seems foolish to me not to host your own blogs, especially as you can host many on the same server. Keep this in mind when choosing your CMS, as some are self hosted and others are hosted by the CMS.

The first on my list is MODx.

This CMS uses a PHP framework and makes a heavy emphasize on the new web standards.  It utilizes C3 Standards and allows you to build by using the XHTML standards. There is an easy interface which allows you to get up and running with speed. Cascading Sheet Styles are used in the menu to make simple and easy for you to make good site navigation.

The second CMS is Plone 4.

This is an extremely fast CMS and is run on Python.  The speed improvement on the old version is said to be an increase in 50%. All websites will need a phone application server if they want to keep up.

An Adobe CMS is aimed at developers and is called Business Catalyst.

This is an e-commerce platform which does all sorts of useful tracking applications. In addition it also has an email marketing feature and is fully integrated with various payment systems. Databases and the like are all incorporated, and it is fairly easy to manage once you have it up and running.

Alfresco is not for a beginner.

It’s a little strange at first until you understand how it works but when you do its actually very simple and well organised. It allows you to drop files into your folders and then convert them into the documents you need. Whether you want to go in this completely different direction is up to you.

When choosing a CMS it is important to consider security, ease of use, extendibility as well as the amount of support you can obtain for it. Knowledge of the program and the ability to host it on your own server also rate high on my list.


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