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Excellent Books For Aspiring Freelance Designers

Any freelancing career sounds very good to pursue.  Plenty of jobs on the take, the lack of a boss, your own flexible time and pace to work in, the pleasure of working in the comfort of your own home and not having to commute daily through the terrible traffic jams: But then real life is not all as easy as that. There will be bills to take care; there will be a transition phase from a regular job – perhaps in a different field to the new freelancing career. If you have to support yourself, the freelancing career should be able to bring in enough bread. Hence, before taking the final step, it is good to ground yourself in the realities of freelance designing as a career and be aware of traps and pitfalls that can befall a beginner.

Preparation is the best part of valor

Books will explain how exactly to take a designing from a passion to a sustainable career and make it work. There are other important aspects like financial management, the ability to juggle bills while you are still a struggler, the ability to manage time so, as to get maximum mileage out of a twenty four day. With this view in mind, the following sets of books have been chosen for their multi-pronged approach to freelancing careers in design. It’s not just about making a choice; it’s about making an informed choice.

1.    The principles of successful freelancing by Miles Burke

This book encapsulates the rocky road of transition from being a full-time employee to a freelancer, along with tips to avoid poor money and time management. He reminds the designer of the golden rules of good salesmanship and great service.

2.    The wealthy freelancer by Steve Slaunwhite, Pete savage and Ed Gandia

As the name suggests, this book tells you how to get hold of good jobs and raise revenues while enjoying a freelance designing career.

3.    The ultimate freelancer by James Chartland

This book aims at coaching beginners on the topics of subcontracting and evolving the business.

4.    100 habits of successful designers by Steve Gordon Jr.

This is about forging effective habits to enhance business prospects. A very useful tip oriented easy to read book for beginners.

5.    How to be a rock star freelancer by Collins and Cyan Ta’eed

Again, this is about unexpected problems that can crop up in a freelance design business with tips on how to manage basic business processes.

6.    How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul by Adrian Shaughnssey

The book is about how to enjoy a freelance career without losing your ethics and integrity.

7.    Graphic’s designer’s guide to pricing, estimating and budgeting by Stephen Williams

Again, this is aimed at business aspects of a freelance design career.

8.    Freelance design in practice

Deals with the realities of freelance design careers.




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