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Explaining how a design works so your client understands

One of the hardest things a web designer finds he has to do is to explain to a client how a design works. This failure to communicate properly is a major hazard in a web design business. You are in deep trouble before you start if your client fails to understand how and what a website is designed to do.

Many clients think all they have to do is hire you to build them a website, and once it’s up, the clients will just stream in. They totally fail to understand the marketing side of a website and how it has to be maintained and pulled, pushed and prodded up the Google ranks.

If they don’t understand before you start you will find yourself in trouble before long. You have to sit them down from the beginning, and you need to work out a strategy on how to convey what they are required to provide what your task is and what marketing their side will have to do. They also need to realise that, unless you are including the online long term SEO strategy in your costing that this is not included.

The interaction between client and designer needs to be made very clear. You will provide the know how to put the site together to their best advantage by creating a website that fits with their branding and logo while they will have to provide in necessary input regards what they want to convey to the public, and they will also need to market it and keep the on going blogs tweets and facebook and social sites up to date which good solid postings on the regular basis.

The need for back links also needs to be explained to them as often they just think they need to put it on the web host, and the rest will be automatic. Few realise the work that goes in behind the scenes to get a website ranked and to maintain the rankings.

Many times they don’t understand the way a website needs to flow and think that a free website theme can do what a well crafted individual website can do. They start out by regarding it as just a pretty picture and those are the worst clients to have. If they are already saying they have an ugly website that can do the job you have a major problem. The Neanderthals have nothing on these folks. In fact, I often wonder why they came for a website in the first place.
The best way to tackle these folks is with marketing stats. They are the number people so deal with them with numbers. That’s their language.
Never ever think of using a flash site with this kind of person, and personally, I think flash sites, although they went through a phase are going to become a thing of the past. They aren’t mobile phone friendly for a start.

This kind of customer is looking to see results in figures and only figures will make sense to them. Conversion rates and marketing stats will be the be all and end all of their existence, and they will not really want to know how a site is put together. You will need to extract the necessary information and then put the site together to enable the best SEO for the simplest way possible. When they know what they will be required to do to maintain the site and see the stats that is what they will be aiming at. Probably rather than use ‘All in one SEO’ you should use Yoast. Although this is more difficult to set up to start it is a more complete answer to SEO.


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