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Finding the perfect text editor

If you are a designer, or, even if you are just posting information on your blog you really require a good text editor. You will be using on all the time for doing your work that has to be posted into your blog or for editing your code if you are designing a website.  There are plenty of free ones available it’s just a case of finding the one that suits your needs best. Both Macs and Pc’s are catered for among the variety available so it’s really a case of personal choice.  For many years, I just used notepad but with the coming of the more fancy text editors that highlight the code sections, I decided it was time to switch and went out to explore what was available.

The first I looked at was also a Notepad it was Notepad++.

This is an open source program which is a free download. This is a really good option as it has a feature that auto completes and is multi tabbed so that you can have multiple files going at one. The fact, it was also a Notepad, which had been my tool of use for so long I think made it immediately tickle my fancy. In addition it supports most of the languages for code, which is an added advantage.

For the Max and Linux, we can offer you Bluefish Editor.

This is a lightweight editor which has huge capabilities. You can open an enormous amount of documents at one time and has its own browser which can be used for different languages.

For the Mac people again we have TextWrangler.

This is a dual purpose editor in that you can use it for both programming and for Unix/Server Editing. In addition there is a plug-in which enables you to extend the capabilities of the editor and other features. Similar to the last one it has a built in browser.

Back to the PC we have an Editor called Caditor, which is also an open source but has been created in a Net framework which makes it very fast.

Search is available in the toolbar. It has a line numbering feature and also a compiler feature.

Gedit is a feature full text editor which is very useful for both programming and mark-up.

Here again we have the useful highlighting tool. This text editor also has a spell checker which for someone like me, that can have amazing spelling, is extremely useful.

For the programmers again we have a cross platform text editor in the GNU Emacs.

This goes one step further than most in that it can debug and can be used as a planner. You can also compare files with this so you can see what changes have been implemented.

Back to the PC again Crimson Editor is available as a very light text editor with a huge heart.

It supports multiple languages and will keep a record of your actions. You can also use it for doing FTP.

Another windows text editor is Context.

This is a multiple option text editor which has many and varied features, including the ability to sort items in alpha numerical order. Well worth having a good look at this for all the added items you can get.


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