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Firefox add-ons for SEO

The thing that makes your website climb up the ranks is the way you do your SEO work, and we really need all the help we can get. Firefox gives use quite a bit of help with many of the extensions it offers us.

The first it offers is the Compete Toolbar from Compete.com.

This toolbar displays information about websites, including how many people visit it and what the ranking is that this tool bar gives it. It gives quite a bit of information in relation to the website you are on.

The second SEO tool is one that displays Google ranks Alexa ranks and backward links from Google and other search engines. This is called Search Status.

SEO for FireFox is an essential add on. To use this you do require Firefox of course, and you need to set you a book account with them.

You get both this and 2 other SEO tools with a book account. The amount you can do with this tool is incredible, and you really need to read up on it in full on their website.

It includes doing keyword research and gives you a long list of items you can check including telling you have many of the pages are indexed by Google. If you don’t already have this tool you are really missing the boat on your SEO tools of the internet.

You need to have a RSS reader and one that is a Firefox add on is WS News Reader.

This is simple to use and a good tool to have.

A good item for SEO is a key word generation tool. Here you can see what keywords it suggests are good keywords on any website. This you can use both on your own website and on other websites to see what it feels are good keywords to use. It tells you how many times a particular word appears on any website. This add-on is called Kgen.

The next extension requires registration. You can use it for up to five rank checks per day for Free. It is called SEOmoz.

To purchase it to receive your information by email daily and to be able to do unlimited checks, you are required to subscribe at the cost of $99 per month. It checks rankings on all the search engines.

SEOQuake does a similar thing, but it does it free.

You get all sorts of info which you can use like yahoo ranking Alexa ranking the age of the website the ability to check the whois and a whole host of other stuff.

You have the Google toolbar which you can download and this has an additional ability to host a number of Google tools and give you ‘one click’ access ability.

You do need to keep track of time that you use on the net and for this you need the add-on called Time Tracker.

You can then check on the amount of time you use for various items like social media, etc.


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