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Firefox Add-ons which are useful for Designers

Firefox is the browser of choice of many a designer. As such there are many add-ons that have been developed for designer and are good items to add to your arsenal of web design tools. Looking over the many that are available I have chosen a few to bring to the fore.

The first one I looked at was Web developer’s toolbar.

This one with almost 18000 downloads is a very popular download and has been recently updated. It is packed with information and is extremely useful for checking and testing parts of our websites. This now allows you to view hidden elements and outlines of images can see dimensions.

The second add-on is Firebug.

This isn’t just one tool this is a quantity of development tools, which allows you to do things like debug, edit and check out your CSS JavaScript and CSS.

Another add-on is ColorZilla.

Here you will have an eyedropper as well as a page Zoomer and a ColorPicker. This add-on is all about color and the website. This has had more than 3,950,000 downloads.

Have you ever wondered about the sizes of sections of a website and how things measured up well now you can MeasureIt.

This little tool allows you to measure the sizes of any element on a website by drawing a rule across a page.

When you need to validate your code on your websites you will need this add-on HTML Validator.

This will find any errors on the website which you are checking. This is for HTML pages.

You need to also see how your site will display on IE so this little download is pretty handy as it shows you how your website will display on IE. This is called IE tab.

Another add–on is the one from Yahoo is called YSlow.

This tool checks to see why and how long your webpage takes to open. It checks where you can increase opening speed for web pages. It can be used with firebug and in fact, should be used in conjunction with firebug to get the best effects out of the two.

The word Greasemonkey gives the impression of a general fix-it tool.

JavaScript is the tool of choice here, and it enables you to use little snippets of JavaScript to enhance areas of your web page.

It’s always good to have a way to FPT to your website and the firefix extension FireFTP allows you to do this.

This is free and you can use it easily from your firefox tab.

Take a screen shot of your screen with Screengrab.

This can take the snap of the entire page, just the screen or a section of the screen. This will even capture a flash image.

There is an extension which is profoundly useful for designers and this is called StumbleUpon.

This is a button which when you click on it will give you the choice of over 500 different topics which it will recommend to you to see the best of the sites which are along the lines of the interest you have expressed.


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