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Flash Websites Redefine Content Management

A Flash CMS stands for Flash content management system. Flash websites are incredibly user friendly and there is no struggle with complex software. MotoCMS.com offers Flash CMS and Flash templates, which can be used by anyone. What you can do to check this out is visit the template and register for the free demo offer for thirty days before purchase.

This gives you ample opportunity to explore the Flash website concept and try out its various features for creative content creation. Go ahead and have fun with this.

Creating a sample webpage

First, try out a hypothetical project – a sample one where you can design a human resources website for a company called say ‘HR Pros’ step by step. Remember that as soon as you register for the free demo, you will receive an email within seconds in your inbox with access to data in the control panel.

Understanding the toolbars

•    The left toolbar contains various items, objects, modules and slots that can be incorporated in the Flash web-pages.
•    The right toolbar allows adjustments to settings of every page.
•    The toolbar on top enables any switching or editing of sections, content or preferences.

Editing the home page

The home page of any business should hold appeal and offer ease of use to the reader. To this effect, you can manipulate the Flash features to customize the home page to your taste:

•    The background can be modified by merely clicking on it- when out pops the media library option from where you could choose any image you like or else upload images from the hard drive using the add media button.
•    The option to upload items in groups is available with the batch-add option. This is especially relevant to music files and photographs.
•    Color changes to menu sections can be done by clicking on each menu and redesigning them with the toolbar on the right.
•    The toolbar on top helps edit menus and text content. You can use the ‘content’ or ‘pages’ tab to modify website names, titles and URL’s.

Want to transform the logo?

•    Can edit style effects of the company name as this is just an ordinary text object.
•    Five attractive effects are offered: bevel, blur, color, glow and shadow – all aimed at fine-tuning your text content look good.

Make a smashing ‘contact us’ page

•    You can create a new contact form by adding and placing items using the right toolbar.
•    Forge a closer client relationship by creating a separate pop-up. This is easily done by cutting, copying and pasting items from the control panel by clicking on ‘view map’ button.

The HTML secret

The HTML widget is concealed in the left toolbar and this has to be used to create separate content. As a matter of fact you cannot continue without doing this first. There are several HTML tools to manipulate like blank HTML, Google applications ands Google maps, Google docs and Google excel sheets.

This is just skimming the surface. You might like to experiment with Flash website until you master all the options it offers.




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