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Flickr and how it works

Essentially this is a guide for dummies like me.  I tend to get impatient with things, unless I’m totally absorbed in something like Flickr. As it seems a little complex until one sits down and really looks at it. Sometimes I think I need a 9 year old to explain this stuff to me. They seem to grasp it so much faster than I do.

Flickr is one of the many online photo communities. Because of their active marketing, they are probably about the best known. There are many does and don’ts here, just like in any other online community. People from all walks of life tend to use it. Some use it for marketing their work; others just use it to share their photos.

Setting to work on Flickr you will like everyone else join then upload your own preferably copyrighted walk. Never upload anybody else’s work. Expect people to comment on your photos. What you will do is organize your work into groups which on Flickr are called Sets. This can be by theme or subject or any other grouping you wish to decide on. If you look around you will find people tend to have rather set ways of grouping things. Going one step up in the ladder you will find that sets are grouped in Collections.


This is the more public aspect of Flickr. This is where you will find sets, but they aren’t private sets, they are public ones to which you can add your photos. These are done by theme. This is a good way of new photographers learning from the pros. You will find people get into groups and talk about what kind of camera to buy, what new lenses are good and see the results that are achieved with various pieces of equipment. Groups cover a wide range and checking out the various groups is important to you individually to find your footing in the community.

Once you have learnt your way around Flickr you will probably want to join as a pro member.  There are tremendous advantages to paying the $24.95 a year as you get to give Pro status across the board and people tend to take you more seriously. The limits that were placed on a free account are lifted, and you can upload as much as you want and also get access to the stats, this means you get told how many times your photos get looked at, and you can see where and what people are liking and interested in.

Flickr Explore

These are the 500 photos chosen daily by Flickr as their choice of most interesting. The goal you need to aim at is getting a photo or two on this list. These photos are viewed by thousands of people, and it will be the making of your photographic name. If your photo is outstanding, and as a result you get good comments and lots of views in a short period of time you should get your photo on the explore list.


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