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Like all designers and web folks, we always like to know where we can find free web tools and photos of all sorts. I like to make a list of them when I find them and then keep updating that list. For example, stock.xchng has been transferred to the management of Getty Images.

This is one of the biggest image libraries if not the biggest. Getty Images controls a major portion of images and stock images around the world. We are fortunate indeed that they intend to keep this site available in the free category. I must admit my heart sank when I saw they were taking it over as I though oops there goes a major site which offers free images. Thank you Getty for saying it will continue to be free. This site also has great photographic tutorials.

Stock vault offers free images, but they are only for non commercial, personal and educational use.

You may not use them on a site you are creating for a client nor may you use them on any website that is selling something. Every now and again, you will find a site where users really share. Stockvault.net is one such site. Here you will find a community of individuals who just love photography. You will be able to find all manners of photos and graphics here.

Flickr of course comes to mind.

They have a tremendous range of photos, but they are not all free. You need to research the license attached to each photo to find out what the rules are. You can use the creative common license tool to find free ones.

Everystockphoto is a sort of search engine for photos.

You can sign up and use this for free. What it does is search the entire net for free photos, and it enables you to save these so that you can view them when you need to.

ImageAfter gives you free photos which you can use both for commercial as well as private blogs.

You cannot only find photos here but also graphics and other tools you might want to use.

Lost and Taken is an excellent site to find textures.

This site is also linked to other sites where you can either join or read the current blog. The wallpapers posted here appear to come out every few months so keep coming back.

A free download of brushes for Photoshop is available from BrushKing.

These are always useful to collect, and it’s advisable to collect what you need while they are free. Invariably, they end up as no longer free but part of a paid for service.

Another free download is available from PS Brushes.

These are categorized for you, and you can either collect them all or download what you think are useful for you.

Last but by no means least you can collect free graphics from Vecteezy and either download or make a note of what you want to download in the future.

They have really great graphics from good graphics artists from all over the world.


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