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Free WordPress themes for photo blogs

There are several people who are out on the web wanting to set a photo blog or website.  Many folks just starting out can’t afford the costs of buying a theme so it is very lucky that there are a few folks out there that are prepared to share their hard work free. Several of these folks devote days to making these themes, and they really deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts.

The first free site I looked at was the Unstandard.

Here you can set up your own photo blog with the greatest of ease. The whole theme is very up to date and has well formatted code without any unnecessary code. This theme is brought to you by 5thirty one.

WpFolio is the next set of free themes you can download.

It covers more than just photos. You have a CMS here which makes it very useable. This has a jQuery carousel for ease of display of your photos. Documentation is fully available. It is even usable for those folks that still haven’t updated that horror IE6. It is Twitter ready and has its own blog section.

Bluebubble is another free photography display.

This is given to you by Thomas Veit under the open source license which you can read this license you can see it at http://www.opensource.org/licenses. You do require WordPress 3 or higher to use this theme. This theme has 8 assorted versions. This new version uses several pieces of jQuery and even has an animated thank you when someone sends an email on the site. Mike Walsh has joined Thomas to help him update with great new features.

Linquist is another free WordPress theme for photos.

This is a beautiful simple theme with the choice of two backgrounds. It’s very simple clean cut and totally without the excess which is totally not necessary.

Work-a-holic is yet another free theme, which comes from Graph Paper Press.

This is a great theme for anyone who wants to present the works of artists, designers or photographs. It’s very clean and was minimalist based on a grid format. Your navigation is fully customizable, and you have the ability to drag in any of your widgets into several different positions. The theme is of course compatible with the current web browsers. It is very easily customizable to your own use.

DailyWp has offered a theme called Portfolio WordPress.

There is not much information with this theme except the basic photo and a few words on how to download it. It is a pity they don’t show you more without having to download and set up the theme. Basically, all I know is that you can use it for portfolios.

Irresistible is a theme that is free from Woo themes, although it does not give any backup, unless you purchase.

While I reviewed this theme on the site I was pleasantly surprised at all the thumbnails on the main page as well as the slim area available for your write up blog. It apparently requires a rewrite of some code from any YouTube to validate.

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