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Fresh JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

There are many JavaScript libraries in the industry to make your less aesthetic designs a bit more flashy enhancing the visual, beauty white promotion interaction as well as supplying information. JavaScript some how has the added advantage of offering precise data with more creativity.

High Charts

Highcharts have been a magnificent feature to have emerged in JavaScript libraries around the contemporary computer world. They consist of a wide range of functions, including seven types of inventory (line, pie, bar and between), beside the potential to zoom in and out of graphs, and tool tips by providing large amounts of information. There are many opportunities for correlating programs on a single web layout for simple reference. For more insights on this Library view the diagrams below.

•    HighCharts Demo
•   HighCharts Download


This is a JavaScript library designed to provide a set of interactive graphics. Its goal is to arrange a sequence for dense data sets (e.g. temperature fluctuation). Precisely, it consists of a user interaction with alternatives, such as allowing visitors to define real time intervals and showing measurements of graphs when browsing. Google Visualization API is a combined feature. Examine the main features of this library from the diagram below.

•  Dygraphics Demo
•   Dygraphics download

JS Charts

JS Charts are designed to facilitate end user’s accessibility to libraries eliminating the need for extensive coding mechanisms. JS is very useful for web designers who want to utilize the data table. In the interest of time, they can learn writing JavaScript as well. JS Graphics have a web based user friendly interface and accommodates cards in unburdening indigenous servers. It is supportive of three types of charts namely bar, pie, and line.  Research its features from the diagrammatic representation below.

•    JS Charts Demo
•   JS Charts Download


Simply gRapheal is a device which detects library features on Raphael interface by designing vector graphics on JavaScript library. There are subdivisions within the libraries. It is very simple to access this device.  As you already know, downloads are available. The Main Library is located at g.raphael.js, only 12KB and 8KB 4KB sub-libraries. It is a fully featured lightweight mapping of JavaScript for Web Developers. Examine how it is displayed on the web from the web site diagram below.

•    gRapheal Demo
•    gRapheal Download


Presently, a moochart just bubbles diagrams. However, in time there are expected expansions to mootools 1.2 functionality featuring pie, line and bar graphs. There are 14 selections of plug-in devices that can be used to customize how charts appear. Essentially, more information tools are accessed. moochart is an open source which is distributed under the MIT license.

•   moochart Demo
•   moochart Download


Protochart really is a JavaScript library adaptation incorporated in Prototype JS framework. It utilizes HTML5 canvas for more contemporary browsing being supportive of ExCanvas on Internet Explorer. It has six different charts consisting of line, pie, bars, points, lines and points, and the regional tables. Basically, legends are shown on high customizable screens to help facilitate the observance of charts.

•   Protochart Demo
•   Protochart Download


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