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Future of 3D Web

It’s really intriguing to watch a website in 3D. Have you ever desired to build your own 3D website? What are the main elements which play main role in the three dimensional appearance of the web? We are going to provide you the answers of all these questions which are rising in your mind.

When it all started?

It all started in 1952, when the first ever 3D movie “Bwana Devil” released. Since then, Hollywood released near 60 movies for next three years and cinema took a new twist. At that time, people used to wear colored 3D sunglasses and watch the titles in three dimensions. It seemed to come in waves.

Due to poor color fidelity and excessive eyestrain caused by the anaglyph format, it was all over in 1955. A brief rebirth in 1980s took place again. After a decade, VRML came in existence. VRML stands for “Virtual Reality Modeling Language”.

It was not 3D exactly, but it introduced us to the interactional 3D world. Dial-up connections were meant to wait for 3D content to download. After the set-up of the connection, it was deadly disappointing as some disconnected 3D structures like cubes, cubic and squares used to hang in the theatre. VRML was limited to the applications from different streams such as research, education and CAD systems (used for mechanical & electrical field especially).

Now, we are in the third generation. Hopefully, I’d love to say that we would be lucky many more times in the future.3D technology has driven the world crazy whether it is cinema or gaming. In 1995, first CGI animation movie “Toy Story” released which was a blockbuster on the box office. One of the famous directors, James Cameron got involved in the list of 3D movie direction with the release of Ghost of the Abyss in 2003. In 2004, Polar Express approved a boom for the 3D cinema.

This left the Hollywood stunned and 3D cinema has been a trend since then. In the history of 3D cinema, James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009 is a milestone as it earned $2.8 billion, making it the highest grossing movie of all time.
Latest technologies and efforts moved the 3D from theatre to the rooms and now they are available on the showrooms in cheap prices. Media companies such as Tata Sky, Direct TV, and Dish TV have even launched their own high definition three dimensional channels.

3D web

3D web is not that renowned as the 3D cinema and gaming. 3D cinema is also possible but it is not being trumpeted from the walls. 3D content is now available on the internet. But due to lack of media coverage, proper display on content is not possible. Flash and 3D Aware are the only online technologies which can bring the 3D experience to you.

Examples of the 3D web are- Adidas, Airbus, Sony Ericsson, American Airlines Flagship Experience, GE Ecomagination. Upcoming 3D technologies are 3D video streaming and stereoscopic 3D.

At the present, technologies are competing with each other to build a true and actual three dimensional appearance of the web. Although some things will take time to come into existence but one day, we all will be able to handle the 3D web.



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  1. Joseph

    This is quite a nice post i am looking forward to the day that the real 3d effect will become an active part of web development.

    Nice post again!

  2. Khaled

    Useful article, we can know the future and present about the 3D web from this article.

  3. ankit

    great idea and a great innovative though…

  4. Damian Smith

    I was thinking about 3D web design just the other day. But more along the lines of when 3D monitors are the common format.

    Trying to imagine the code needed to actually build a website that worked as 3D on one of these screens. Are our jobs just about to become more difficult? Probably… but a lot more fun at the same time!

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