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Get Over With the Over Optimization Penalty

If you have not yet heard about Over Optimization penalty imposed by Google, then you will soon enough, when your website loses all its organic traffic. Experts of search engine optimization will tell you that it is because of the Google Over Optimization Penalty that has caused your website to go down on search engine results.

Defining Over Optimization Penalty

The concept of over optimization penalty imposed by Google can be considered as another patch in order to save the results generated from search engines from the tactics of SEO experts. In the previous year, the update was named as Google Panda and before that it was a crackdown of the paid links and in this year it came out as the penalty for over optimization of websites.

Google is constantly practicing this activity and whenever there are raised questions related to their service, they tend to release a patch or other so as to make the critics sit still for a while.

This over optimization penalty of Google is yet another patch through which it can weed away those websites which have their focus more on SEO techniques and less on quality content from the top pages of its search indexes. Websites that are found sitting within their new patch will be penalized for the act of abusing SEO related tricks and tactics.

Importance of Implementing Over Optimization Penalty

The basic reason why Google considers this policy to be implemented on websites is that many web owners have their aim to develop websites for search engines and tends to publish material that is demanded from their readers. In this aspect, the element of being innovative as well as creative is lost and does not seem to exist anywhere.

Although, many content developers might not agree with this statement however, if we set aside the aspect of being a content writer and think in an unbiased manner, the following factors will come into your mind,

•    Are we not writing what is demanded from people?

•    Isn’t our main target the audience of the website?

•    Are we not writing to generate traffic?

•    Are we not working to gain higher search engine rankings?

From this, it should not be perceived that innovative writing is not present at all, rather it is pointed out that this aspect have gone down a bit in content writing. The need is to write those contents on websites that are properly investigated to be true. It is always advised to go about on the web and discover new facts and reasons supporting to what you are writing. Take innovation heights above spamming. Take honesty higher than technology. Deliver information which is true, accurate and clear.

What about SEO?

Under such circumstances, content writers have a question as to whether SEO will be vanished out from the screen. Well, the answer is not really. Now let us know about two pointers of search engine optimization and how with the passage of time the real meaning of SEO.

•    Search engine optimization is the analyzing of data that is in association with the traffic of your website and to what is demanded by the visitors of it. Adding in this data will help you to know what search engines are looking for and what is being indexed mostly. Moreover, it will also help you realize as to how to get your content optimized as per the benefits of the readers. In the entire process, it was mentioned nowhere to insert in excessive keywords which is now considered as the essence of SEO.

•    The second aspect is that the real meaning of SEO is to improve your website in technical terms in such a manner that search engines can find them very easily. It is therefore, very important to build the infrastructure of the website which is search engine friendly. From this, again it is not meant to fill up keywords; rather it means good programming and coding hierarchy.

How to Overcome Over Optimization Penalty

Until now you have been completely convinced as to why Google has imposed over optimization penalty and if you are among those who have got stuck within such a situation, below mentioned are some ways to lead your way out from this.

•    Avoid stuffing keywords: In search engine optimization concepts, there is no such thing as keyword stuffing. By inserting excessive keywords within title tags, URL’s as well as anchor texts, you are attempting to trick the entire system. Develop that content which makes sense for both the readers and search engines and the rest will be assured.

•    Avoid creating a link to website that is within your network: Another act done by webmasters is to interlink all their websites with each other and such an act is never appreciated by Google. This might also result in excessive linking which is another reason why the content becomes irrelevant and vague.

•    Avoid having backlinks from useless websites: This aspect is also known as link spam. Being an SEO expert, you can garner links from different directories, comments as well as various networks. The very moment you attempt to perform this act manually, Google will catch you and you will be abandoned that very moment.

•    Develop good content: There are many examples which can be gone through so as to determine what actually does quality content means. Although, these contents might not be as such which can make history, but, they made sense. The content should be worth every word written by the content writer and read by the visitor.

•    Create interlinks with older posts: As soon as you start creating new content, you are indirectly conveying to the audience that you are filled with fresh content. You can impress Google by adding in interlinks that are linking to older posts of older articles. Through this you are also informing Google that your other blog posts are also useful.

•    Maintain the meaning of SEO: Refer to the section above titled as “What about SEO?” try to make the process unique and original and impose SEO strategies that are within the limits of its original meaning.


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