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Get the Old Marketing Techniques Back To Boost Your Business

Competition is what has kept the monopoly out of sight. Seriously, let’s pick any random business, and you’ll see a number of players in there. Well, we can’t ignore the fact that these players have made a name and reputation due to their long-term struggle for a share unlike freelancers. I really empathize with them; they’ve got a lot of time to themselves and minimum resources. How can they possibly reach the same level?

Fortunately, bidding websites have sprung up now, and they’ve allowed freelancers to market themselves with a cover letter. However, these projects do not pay as much and end up stressing them a lot!

Luckily, new avenues are opening up to increase business, and that is so not the clichéd “online only”. The internet has been extensively used for marketing ventures, which has become quite a threat to the newbies in the world as well as the part time freelancers.

I won’t be giving you any new ideas to bring in business; rather, I’ll ask you to exploit the age old methods and watch your business boom.

Hit the Phonebook

For a web designer, it shouldn’t be hard; simply hit the phone book that comprises numbers of all businesses. Pick the ones you know do not have an online presence. Call them up, make them realize what they’re missing out on and get them in the loop. Try to make clear to them that why it is important to have your presence felt online and eventually get their business? Yelp, Google Local and Yellow Pages are the best pages you can refer to for these businesses.
Instead of wasting your time marketing yourself elsewhere, get them to give you an appointment and display your designing capabilities to them.

Immediately Get to the Decision Makers

Even though you’ve got a list of businesses that do not have a web page, but it’s very difficult to get to the decision maker, well, not anymore; not when the world is literally a global village. Log on to LinkedIn and find individuals from a certain business. This shall make it much simpler for you. Once you have them on your profile, and they’re aware of your capabilities consider your work as their web creator done.

Cold Calling

Cold calling may be the least likely thing you’d opt for due to the high ratio of rejections. Well, this ought to be a good tool to help you get your business. Do not be afraid of the “no” you’ve got so far. Explain why your services are important to them; tell them of the wonders a web page can do for them. Once they hear you out they might even consider you to do the job for them.

Look Out For Small Businesses

Small businesses can almost never make it to the Yellow pages; having your name up there would mean investing quite some dollars. That’s the last thing small businesses are looking for. Use this to your advantage; let these businesses know that they’ve been out of that book for so long because they’ve never had a web presence. Tell them how beneficial a web page is for their business. Keep your eyes open for these uncompetitive businesses and you’re on a roll, then.


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