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Google+: Bringing business to you

Google+ also known as G+ is an intuitive and business oriented social network founded by Google.  Google+ was launched to the public nine months ago and its getting some plus point from the business world.  Now, you have already heard about Google+, and wanted to know more about it. So  let’s have a closer look at it. First thing you need to know is Google+ is not a usual social network and people are simply interested in it mostly out of curiosity. So the main factor of  Google+ fame is the interesting approach that make people curious to check it out.

It is estimated that Google+ will have over 400 million subscribers at the end of 2012.  The numbers can’t be compared with facebook which is on the brink of one billion users worldwide.  Twitter has about 100 million users while LinkedIn has 30 million.

While Google+ social network ‘capabilities’ might be brought into question, it has powerful tools that are specifically tailored for the business oriented consumer.  It has an influence and has great potential to create new business opportunities.  Google+ may never reach Facebook numbers or standards, but in reality, we don’t need to compare these two. As they both have totally different niches.  So the next obvious question you are probably asking yourself is how Google+ can bring business to you.

1. Interacting with potential customers

Google+ has an interactive interface known as ‘circles’ which enables users to clearly adjust the feeds shown on their home page and the people who are allowed to see them.  It also has a privacy setting option which allow users to hide members of their circles.

They have made it quite easy by a simple drag-and-drop icon available on the homepage.  You can also send content to a specific audience of your choice.  In a nutshell, the content you display only reaches the people you want it to reach. Giving you full control over your audience and circle.

2. Use as a marketing tool

We all know steady client stream is essential for the success of any given business.  Google+ acts somewhat as an outsourcing program where the businesses can interact with the prospective clients and also get a chance to market them.  The G+ platform is endowed with the capabilities’ to ensure that the interaction is smooth and rewarding at the same time.

All one has to do is to vividly describe the products and services, and within no time, you will be have lots of loyal followers interested in your niche.  It is more or less like Twitter only with a business twist to it.  You might be wondering why use Google+ and not Twitter.

G+ is more than just following people and it has a database 4 times bigger than Twitter.  Another plus to G+ is that it allows sharing information with the desired users, instead of everyone on the network which is not allowed in sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Google+ has also made it easier to find friends on the network thanks to its powerful and intuitive search engine.

3. Professional Outlook

Google+ has an upper hand if we compared it to Facebook and other social networks when it bottles down to the professional environment.  Not many people find G+ that appealing especially teenagers and young adults.  Google+ is for people who are interested in doing business.  In most cases, you are likely to find people in a particular business niche similar to yours which means the more people register, the higher the chances of a booming business.

4. +1 Function

The +1 button similar to ‘Like’ button on Facebook.  +1 button is more than a like button.  It offers real time search engine optimization.  This happens in a robust technical environment where the more the +updates, the higher the likelihood of being listed in the first pages of Google search engine.

Google is the best search engine in the world and will continue to be in the years to come.  This is a chief reason why Google+ is essential for your business existence.

5. Intuitive showcase Features

G+ also allow portfolio showcase and it has the abilities to make it more appealing. The portfolio can either be visual or the customary written CV.  The ‘About’ section is a sophisticated icon, where you can add links, materials and personal details.

6. G+ Hangouts

Of all the G+ features, the hangout feature clearly stands out.  Facebook and many other social networks lack video capabilities.  G+ hangouts allow users to interact live regardless of geographical locations using video interfaces.  The interface allow up to ten users at a time.  Barrack Obama among other high ranking officials is known to use G+ hangout in carrying teleconferencing.

So to sum it up, as an underdog to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Google+ is slowly making a mark in the social network scene.  Companies and freelancers across the globe have realized the amazing potential G+ has to offer to their businesses and more and more people are signing up.  The main challenge however remains taking G+ to individuals.

So how can Google + can truly shine. For this what needs to be done is to create awareness of the additional and superior features Google+ has to offer.  This way, people will be able to appreciate and embrace change knowing it’s for the better.

So are you on G+? What is it you use it for?  Has this article made you aware of the great potential G+ has to offer?  If you want your business to get more exposure then Google+ is a perfect place for you.


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