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Google Developing New Dimensions for SEO Methods

The search engine algorithms of Google are experiencing a major change and with this many owners of websites are reconsidering the facts of implementing a well drafted SEO campaign. However, in the previous year, there have been introduced two changes with websites algorithms that are expected to impose a major impact on the website owners.

The feature of Google Panda was introduced last year and its main objective was to remove those websites which had low quality content and which are placed on the front page of its search results. With this upgrade, various websites have been affected; especially those who have had low level affiliates as well as farm content.

The next update is although, not yet implemented. However, consulting the officials of Google search engine, it has been revealed that Google is working in creating new algorithms for those websites that are practicing too much of the search engine optimization factors. These websites will be penalized as per their rankings. There is an expectation that the two aspects will impose a major impact on the rankings of search engines in recent time. However, in the mean time, a description of both the changes is mentioned as follows:

Updating Google Penguins

Google Penguins policy has awakened many website owners. There are entrepreneurs who are afraid of the situation as to how will Google Penguins will affect their operation on the Internet. However, for good websites, this element is not a hurdle at all. The basic aim of up grading these policies is to eliminate the content farm concept.

Soon after the releasing of Penguins, there has been reported substantial loss to most of the leading content websites. The intense results can be seen with the example of Accesshowbiz.com which has lost 93 percent of its SEO traffic after Google Panda and Penguins took action. On the other hand, other leading content providers such as that of YouTube have experienced increased SEO traffic by 10 percent.

The present policy of Google is emphasizing on improving the quality of the contents on different websites. This can also be considered as a message from Google to the website owners that they are required to update their website content on a regular basis. However, the priority level of Google will circulate around fresh content so, those who are considering the impact of Panda to be deep onto their business, must focus on refreshing their content and bringing it to the highest level of quality.

The process of Penguins refers the web owners to perform the following functions:

•    Ensure that the website if human centric rather than for search engines.

•    Avoid adding in duplicate content to its maximum extent.

•    Post those contents which are not available anywhere on the Internet, not on article directories as well.

•    Ensure that the content posted is authoritative and is not a spun or rewrite of existing articles.

If you want to maintain the top position of your website, it is very important that you abide with the above mentioned guidelines.

The second change in Google algorithm

This unreleased change in algorithm refers to an infinite number of things for the website. The official of Google search engine posed a vague behavior but, the experts of search engine optimization methods can get a blur idea as to what will be packed within the second box.

Basically, the second algorithm change is focused on over-optimized websites. There are opinions in the SEO world which states that practice of these methods should remain silent and invisible. With this change, it is expected that those websites which does not have any type of a business model will be affected to a greater extent.

It has also been referred that SEO should act as an invisible layer and should be made part of the website after developing valuable content for the readers. There are various SEO experts which are of the opinion that getting a position on the first page of Google index will help them start earning money.

However, this concept is very much flawed as it is seen as to how much visitors get annoyed with over optimized websites. In order to handle these issues, the new algorithm changes will work effectively in preventing these sites to grab the top position in Google’s search engine results.

Below mentioned are some of the changes that are required within the SEO model.

•    Abide with the Panda rules: Any new algorithm changes by Google do not means that it will be replacing Panda. These are formulations that are directed to control the content quality on websites.

•    Avoid adopting black hat strategies: Black hat strategies are not considered as a good act in the world of Internet. Google is also working in dealing with black hat spammers from its front page index. Special reference to certain points includes:

o    Excessive exchanges on links: Google has a practice of evaluating back-links so as to determine how authoritative the website for the readers. It is disliked by Google if any website is sharing a link with the other in the absence of any real value of the website.

o    Excessive use of keywords: Unnecessary or overusing of keywords should also be avoided.

o    Make a page by page analysis of our websites. Determine the standard of the link provided the Meta description as well as the text block. Try to appear it like a natural aspect rather than fake or unnatural.

The two algorithm changes must be considered as simply the beginning to a better more improved environment on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to understand that the techniques used to grab higher positions on Google indexes are now considered to be obsolete and it is time that you work on newer strategies so with abiding all the rules and regulations of Google you do achieve higher ranking that you deserve.


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